Prior Learning fast tracks certification to degree

Oct 18, 2016

CMA’s and RMA’s automatically earn 30 credits toward degree

Prior Learning Assessment, the process of earning credit for what you already know, is making the transition from certification to associate degree a breeze. This new process can earn students 50-75 percent of their credits through assessments, rather than traditional hours spent in a classroom.

Utilizing Prior Learning Assessment, students with certifications as Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) can fast-track their way to the same associate degree program by an automatic acceptance of 30 degree requirements. Plus, additional credits can be earned through Prior Learning Assessment exams, portfolios or other means of evaluation. Often, a few General Education classes plus some course requirements are all that’s needed to complete an associate degree.

“We hope this new fast-track approach will bring more students into the pipeline for earning an associate degree,” says Debra Graber, Medical Office Assistant Coordinator. “It’s a great incentive that will save students time and money.”

Credits earned from the industry certification that are then applied to the degree program come at no cost to students. Any credits earned through Prior Learning Assessment are free or half the cost of in-county tuition.

“We encourage students to continue their education and earn an associate degree,” says Graber. “A college degree always has value and adds to a student’s lifetime earning potential.”

Earning a degree also improves opportunities for career advancement. Supervisory and professional roles often require a degree.

Additionally, CCBC’s degree program transfers seamlessly to Towson University’s bachelors of Allied Health. It’s a cost-effective way to chart one’s course from certification to associate to bachelor’s degree.

To learn more about fast-tracking your certification to a degree, email Coursework toward earning a CMA or RMA does not have to be acquired at CCBC to qualify.