Travel, learn and grow!

Join us for Travel Studies excursions near and far.

From day trips that can satisfy your every whim to international travel that whisks you away to exotic lands, CCBC’s Travel Studies excursions are as diverse as they are plentiful.

Love Broadway…there’s a trip for that! More interested in museums or foodie tours? There’s a trip for that too! You can find lots of one-day escapes that take you from Pennsylvania to New York. Go shopping, sightseeing, see a Broadway play, explore museums and more! You are sure to find something that meets your interests.

If international travel is more your speed, take out your passport and plan your next trip with CCBC. Stroll the magical Christmas Markets of Austria, visit Vietnam’s ancient city of Hoi An or marvel over the Colosseum of Rome. These exciting international trips are planned for 2017 and 2018.

What are you waiting for? We’ve already done the work! Check out the full list of Travel Studies excursions and register today!