An update from Dr. Sandra Kurtinitis

Dear Students,

In light of the hardships brought on by COVID-19, CCBC is introducing the CCBCcares Stimulus Grant program to help ease the financial burdens of students and their families. CCBCcares is not just a glib phrase; it captures the essence of our institution, reinforcing our utmost concern for our students. We genuinely care about you—both in and out of the classroom.

As provided by federal law, CCBCcares Stimulus Grants are awarded directly to CCBC students enrolled in the spring semester, with some exceptions. Students must have a FAFSA on file or be eligible to file one as determined by an institutional application. Students with a FAFSA on file, and who have enrolled in eRefunds in SIMON, will receive their funds via direct deposit by May 18. If you have not enrolled in eRefunds, a check will be mailed to your home arriving 5-7 business days after the direct deposit payments.

Students who are eligible to file a FAFSA but have not, are encouraged to do so by visiting Non-FAFSA filers must complete an application to verify their eligibility for a CCBCcares Stimulus Grant. Once this application is filed, the college will verify your eligibility and process your CCBCcares Stimulus Grant within two to three weeks. If you have questions, please contact

In order to provide maximum support based on the available funds, the amount of the CCBCcares Stimulus Grant will be determined by the number of billable/credit hours in which the student is enrolled:

Full-time credit students (12 or more billable/credit hours) $500
Continuing Education students in Title IV eligible workforce development programs $500
Part-time credit students (9 to 11 billable/credit hours) $300
Part-time credit students (1 to 8 billable/credit hours) $150

Regrettably, by law, not all students are eligible for a CCBCcares Stimulus Grant. These include students enrolled exclusively in online courses prior to March 13, those auditing courses or enrolled for personal enrichment, those failing to make satisfactory academic progress and those ineligible to complete a FAFSA.

CCBC is a strong academic institution with an equally strong reputation, but we are not just brick and mortar. We are a college that cares! We make this effort to put stimulus funds directly into your hands to use at your discretion, to meet everyday needs or perhaps to apply to tuition for the coming semester. You have the freedom to decide.

The past few months have been challenging for all of us. But someday soon, the sun will come out again. I commend you for your strength, resilience and determination for making it through the semester. I wish you a happy and restful “restriction free” summer.

Sandra L. Kurtinitis, Ph.D.

Note: The eligibility criteria and award amounts for the CCBC CARES COVID-19 Emergency Grants are subject to change at the discretion of the Community College of Baltimore County, in accordance with applicable law, including those laws implemented by the U.S. Department of Education.