Frequently asked questions about Camp Heritage

How are the Camp Heritage campers grouped?

The campers are grouped according their grade completed by June of the current school year. Children completing the same grade are grouped together.

What is Camp Heritage’s camper to counselor ratio, and what is that ratio composed of?

Our camper to counselor ratio is approximately six to one. Our counselor staff is composed of two-thirds college students and one third high school students. While we do utilize sixth and seventh graders as counselors-in-training and volunteers, they are not included in the six to one ratio.

Who designs the Camp Heritage curriculum?

The curriculum is designed by professional teachers and overseen by the Assistant Director for Camper Curriculum and Development. The fact that the teachers design and implement the curriculum allows our counselors to participate with and lead the campers.

What are the skills, training and legal compliance of the Camp Heritage staff?

Ms. Andrea Broadhurst will return for her seventh season as Camp Heritage Director and her 17th overall year in summer camp leadership. At least seven of the ten adults who serve the program throughout the day are full time teachers. Our counselor staff are required to attend 10 hours of pre-camp training. Finally, all our staff are required to undergo a medical certification and criminal background check.

How is the safety of the camper addressed by Camp Heritage?

Camp safety is the number one priority for Camp Heritage. It is stressed continually and a part of each staff member’s daily responsibilities. Additionally, safety is one of two major areas of responsibility for the Assistant Director for Camp Safety and Logistics.

What protocol does Camp Heritage have in place to handle situations requiring medical attention?

We have an health supervisor who is on-call at all times, a medical program that has been designed by a licensed professional, and medical information forms with include immunization dates completed by parents on all our campers. We also have four staff trained in first aid and 6-8 staff trained in CPR.

Does my child need a physical from a doctor in order to attend Camp Heritage?

No, but you doctor does need to complete some forms for us.

What protocol does Camp Heritage have in place to ensure safety in the swimming pool area?

Our water safety instructor oversees the program and is assisted by four lifeguards. We also maintain our six to one camper to counselor ratio in the pool. We utilize a "pool safety drill" where campers are periodically cleared from the pool just to review and reinforce water safety. Finally, we make sure either an assistant director, teacher, or the director are in the pool at all times the camp is swimming.

Is air conditioning available for the children?

We have seven air conditioned activities classrooms available throughout the day to address the safety concerns related to excessive heat.

What does Camp Heritage do to address the safety concerns related to excessively hot days?

We have a hot weather protocol which includes bringing all activities inside, extensive utilization of the air conditioned activity trailers, a minimum of hourly trips to the water fountains, and the use of sprinklers.

What is the protocol for dropping off and picking up my child up from Camp Heritage?

Your child is to be signed in and signed out from camp each day with photo identification card protocol in place. Parents, legal guardians, and those approved in writing by parents or legal guardians are the only ones authorized to pick up your children.

How is lunch provided to the campers?

Campers bring their lunches, including a drink, to camp every day, preferably in a soft lunch box. State law requires that the lunch be refrigerated. Just before the lunch period, the lunches are delivered to the appropriate air-conditioned area.

How does Camp Heritage get staff to an area that needs immediate attention?

We utilize a two way communication system located among administrative staff and at program sites to ensure ease of communication.

What type of swimming program does Camp Heritage offer?

Our swimming program is fundamentally recreational in nature, but we do offer two instructional swim periods per week designed to reinforce the skills taught in more formal instructional swim programs. We cannot certify your child as a beginner, advanced, or intermediate swimmer. Our primary goal is water safety. It is expected that all campers will have had prior successful swimming instruction.

What clothes should by child wear or bring to camp?

Your child should wear loose comfortable clothes and tennis shoes made for lots of activity. Each child should bring a knapsack with extra clothes if appropriate, a bathing suit, a towel, goggles, and a snack or change for the vending machines (if appropriate). Campers should not bring valuables or large sums of money in their knapsacks. All articles should be clearly marked with the child’s name and grade group. A camper general information packet is mailed to all registrants by the middle of May. This packet is designed to answer the remaining majority of pre-camp questions and needs.