CCBC Catonsville event planning tips

I. Room reservations

  1. All events which you intend to host should have already been approved in your student organization budget proposal submitted the previous Spring semester. If you anticipate that your programming plans will differ from what Student Life has approved, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Life to discuss these changes.
  2. Be sure to select a date, time and location that can accommodate your audience.
  3. Know what time you will need access to the facility for set-up and clean-up—this may be different from the actual start and end time of your program.
  4. Request space and equipment for your event at least three weeks in advance, allowing time for your event request to be processed, to publicize your programming, and secure equipment/supplies from all sources.
  5. Log into CollegiateLink ( to complete the Student Organization Reservation Request Form.
    • Once you have logged in, the form can be found by navigating to the “Organizations” tab  finding “Student Life Office, Catonsville”  and clicking on the “Forms” tab.
    • Note that you must request membership to the “Student Life Office, Catonsville” page (similar to joining a “fan” page on Facebook) before you can access page resources, including the Student Organization Event Request Form.
    • Remember: Completing the form does not guarantee that the requested room is available.
  6. Your completed CollegiateLink Student Organization Event Request Form will be forwarded to the Student Clubs administrative assistant for processing. You will be notified when a date, time and location has been confirmed.

II. Marketing your event

  1. Ideally, flyers should be posted two weeks prior to your event.
    • Please have your flyer approved by a Student Life staff member.
    • You may e-mail your flyer to Student Clubs administrative assistant or stop by during office hours for approval
  2. All student club event flyers are required to use the Student Life logo template at the bottom of the flyer (found under the “Documents” tab on the “Student Life Office, Catonsville” page). There are both portrait and landscape logo templates available to suit your formatting needs.
    • Flyers should be posted on designated Student Life bulletin boards only. Posting on glass, wood, or use of paint on any surfaces are prohibited.
    • Flyers will be removed by Student Life aides after the event is over, or if posted in prohibited locations.
  3. One of the most effective ways to publicize your event is to have Student Life post it on our Facebook page, where it will be visible to hundreds of CCBC community members.
  4. To have your flyer posted on Facebook, please send it to Student Clubs administrative assistant at least a week prior to your event, along with any additional information you would like posted with the image.
  5. Make the best use of your organization’s CollegiateLink page! After your event details have been approved, you should navigate to your club page, find the “Events” tab to the left  click on “Create Event”. This feature will allow you to inform other CollegiateLink users of your upcoming programs.
    • Upload a copy of your event flyer, along with your event details, and it will be displayed on the CollegiateLink homepage for students and staff on all CCBC campuses to view.
  6. To advertise your event on the Barn Marquee contact the Student Clubs administrative assistant at x4388 at least one week prior to your event.
  7. To advertise your event on the electronic marquee at the campus main entrance, please send an e-mail to Student Clubs administrative assistant including the event details. If your request is first approved by Student Life, it will then be forwarded to the Campus Dean for final approval.

III. Food services

  1. Before requesting catering, you must have a confirmed date, time and location for your event.
  2. Determine the type of food you plan to serve, the estimated number of participants who will attend your event, and the amount you plan to spend for the event. Refer to Sodexho’s Student Catering Guide to select food choices (found under the “Documents” tab on the “Student Life Office, Catonsville” page).
  3. After establishing cost, food choices, and number of participants, complete the “Sodexho Catering Request Form” on CollegiateLink.
    • Once you have logged in, the form can also be found by navigating to the “Organizations” tab  finding “Student Life Office, Catonsville”  clicking on the “Forms” tab.
  4. Requests must be submitted at least 2 business days before the event. Preferably, requests should be submitted at least two weeks before the event (if possible).
  5. Once the Student Clubs administrative assistant has submitted the catering request and confirmed the food contract, you will be notified and provided with a copy.
  6. Contact the Student Clubs administrative assistant at least two days in advance if the number of guests or food choices change.

IV. How to use your club's funds

  1. Cash advance – useful if you need to make multiple purchases from stores/vendors who do not use invoices. Must keep receipts for all purchases and return them to Student Life Office. You will be responsible for any money that is not accounted for.
  2. Check – useful if you are making a direct payment to a store or company.
  3. Purchase order (requisition form) – only use for contracted services such as payment for a speaker or entertainer or renting a chartered bus
  4. Reimbursement – useful if you have to buy supplies or food unexpectedly or do not have time to pay with check. Try to avoid only using reimbursements to play for club expenses.
    • Remember that requests take approximately 7- 10 days to process.
    • All check requests and purchase requisitions should include name, address, and SS# or tax I.D. number of individual/ organization to whom the check is being issued. Additional forms are required to enter into agreements with performers and agencies. Please discuss these agreements with the Assistant Director of Student Life prior to committing to services.
    • Make sure you use the College’s tax-exempt number for all purchases.
    • Please monitor your spending.
    • Keep copies of all paperwork (e.g., receipts, invoices).

V. Performers or speakers

  1. All outside vendors are required to complete a CCBC standard agreement (i.e., Event Agreement) or Independent Contractor form in order to render services (see above).
  2. Please check with the Office of Student Life to initiate appropriate paperwork.

VI. Transportation: college vans and cars

  1. Use of campus vans is free to student organizations, faculty, and staff.
  2. Requests for campus vans should be made at least two weeks in advance. Contact Plant Operations at x4165 to request a van or CCBC car.
  3. Paperwork can be picked up in the Office of Student Life or in Plant Operations.
    • Driver must complete and sign all paperwork.
    • To complete a van request you also need a student organization advisor signature and the signature of the Assistant Director of Student Life-Catonsville.
    • Completed paperwork should then be submitted to Plant Operations, W-115A.
    • Further directions will be given regarding van use upon submission of paperwork.
  4. Two rules of thumb for using campus vans:
    • Keep Vans Clean (leave them in a better condition than the one you found them in).
    • A faculty or staff member must drive the vehicles per Student Life policy.
Charter Buses
  1. Determine the date of the trip, the departure time and location, and arrival time and location.
  2. Contact either the Student Life administrative assistant at x4322 to complete the bus reservation process. Or contact an approved bus company (Woodlawn, Hunt Valley Motor Coach, Rohrbaugh’s Charter Service, or Eyre Bus) and reserve the bus.
  3. Once you have reserved the bus, forward the invoice to the Student Life office to process the financial paperwork.
  4. Please remember to always notify the Student Life office if you plan to reserve a charter bus. Also, do not sign the contract.

VII. Evaluation and wrap-up

  1. Return all borrowed equipment/supplies.
  2. Make sure all financial aspects are complete (i.e. appropriate paperwork submitted to Student Life).
  3. Complete a program evaluation form.
  4. Make recommendations for future programs.