CCBC Essex event planning tips

I. Save the date

  1. Be sure to set a date, time and location that can accommodate your audience.
  2. Contact the Essex Office of Student Life to make sure your event doesn’t conflict with a pre-existing event.
  3. Contact Karen Jackson for assistance at 443.840.1571

II. Reservations

  • The Office of Student Life can help you with a number of reservations issues: reserving rooms, space, furniture (e.g., tables), audiovisual equipment (e.g., “smart cart,” radio, amplifiers), as well as catering and food needs.
  • Karen handles all reservation requests for the B building conference room (B122A), for the Office of Student Life, and for all clubs and organizations. Due to the high volume of programming and the premium of available space, plan your events accordingly. Here are some suggestions:
    • Submit requests for major events at least one month out (preferably as soon as you determine that the event will be held)
    • For small events, submit requests at least three weeks out.
    • DO NOT post flyers until room/space reservation is confirmed!
Reservation confirmations are issued via e-mail, voice mail, or in-person within 72 hours of initial request.

III. Marketing your event

  1. All flyers must be approved by the Office of Student Life prior to posting
    • Flyers must have the CCBC Student Life template across the bottom of the flyer
    • Once the flyer is complete it must be stamped for approval by the Office of Student Life.
  2. Copies of your flyers can be made in the Office of Student Life. (limited to 20 copies per event)
  3. Flyers should be posted two weeks prior to your event
    • DO NOT post on glass (e.g., windows), wood or paint.
    • DO post flyers in elevators, on brick, on bulletin boards, or in vending areas.
    • Flyers must be removed one day after the event is over.
  4. Large posters can be made in the Office of Student Life to promote student club events. Student Clubs are allowed two per event, but you must request posters at least two days prior to the event.
  5. Advertise your event in the CCBC Connection. All event information must be submitted to the Connection by the copy deadline (see Connection production schedule)

IV. Transportation

  1. Use of campus vans is free to student organizations, faculty and staff.
  2. Requests for campus vans should be made at least two weeks in advance. Paperwork can be picked up in the Office of Student Life
    • Driver must complete and sign all paperwork
    • To complete a van request you also need a student organization advisor signature and the signature of the Assistant Director of Student Life
  3. Two rules of thumb for using campus vans:
    • Keep Vans Clean (leave them in a better condition than how you found them)

V. Venders / performers

A purchase order must be issued prior to receipt of goods and/or services.

Note: Do not sign vendor contracts or agreements.
  • All contracts and agreements must be reviewed, negotiated, and signed by the purchasing office.

VI. Food services

  • Review your budget request to create a menu that reflects the available allocated funds for the event.
  • Once the menu is selected and the budget is confirmed, Advisors must email and
  • The Office of Student Life will supply the correct budget code to process payment

VII. Money matters

  1. Check requests can be made for reimbursement and must be submitted to the Office of Student Life.
    • Check requests take approximately 7- 10 days to process
    • Submit original receipts, invoices, and other related documentation with your request
    • All check requests must be for club related expenses only!
  2. All check requests and purchase requisitions should include name, address, and social security number/tax i.d. number of individual/organization to whom check is being issued.
  3. Make sure you use the College’s tax-exempt number for all purchases. There will be no reimbursements for taxes paid.
  4. Please monitor your club’s spending. The Office of Student Life will supply a monthly update to the club advisor.
  5. Keep Copies of all paperwork (e.g., receipts, invoices)

VIII. Evaluation

  1. Return all borrowed equipment/supplies.
  2. Make sure all bills are paid.
  3. Have all participants complete a program evaluation form.
  4. Make recommendations for future programs.