• Group of students participating in service learning

Contact Information

Contact us if you are a student seeking more information about service-learning, an instructor considering incorporating service-learning into your courses, or a community organization interested in being included on our list of service-learning sites.

Amy Pucino
Service-Learning Coordinator
CCBC Essex
Jo Lewis
Service-Learning Coordinator
CCBC Catonsville

Faculty who incorporate service-learning

Barbara Hill
School of Health Professions (Nursing)
Essex Campus
Phone: 443.840.1668
Email: bhill@ccbcmd.edu

Colleen Kline
School of Wellness, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Email: ckline@ccbcmd.edu 

Melissa Lane
School of Business, Criminal Justice and Law
Essex Campus
Phone: 443.840.2009
Email: mlane2@ccbcmd.edu

Jo Lewis
School of Wellness, Behavioral and Social Sciences (Psychology)
Catonsville Campus
Phone: 443.840.4424
Email: jlewis4@ccbcmd.edu

Elsbeth Mantler
School of Liberal Arts (English)
Essex Campus
Phone: 443.840.1524
Email: emantler@ccbcmd.edu
Robin Minor
School of Mathematics and Science
Dundalk Campus
Phone: 443.840.3756
Email: rminor@ccbcmd.edu

Theresa Robinson
School of Business, Education, Justice and Law (Teacher Education)
Catonsville Campus
Phone: 443.840.4441
Email: trobinson@ccbcmd.edu

Adrianne Washington
School of Wellness, Behavioral and Social Sciences
Dundalk Campus
Phone: 443.840.1196
Email: awells@ccbcmd.edu

Nancy Zimmerman
School of Business, Criminal Justice, and Law (Business)
Catonsville Campus
Phone: 443.840.4849
Email: nzimmerman@ccbcmd.edu