What is a safe zone ally?

  • Someone who is informed with accurate and current information on LGBT issues.
  • Someone who creates an atmosphere of safety and support, inclusive of the needs of LGBT students, faculty and staff.
  • Someone who respects confidentiality concerning questions about LGBT issues.
  • Someone who is aware of the services available to LGBT youth and adults, including support groups, hotlines, and other community resources.
  • Someone who will encourage others to attend Safe Zone training sessions and meetings.
  • Someone who will continue to learn about the issues affecting LGBT students, faculty and staff.
  • Someone who will challenge hate speech, name-calling, harassment, and discrimination, and real or threatened violence as it pertains to LGBT students, faculty, and staff, or those perceived to be LGBT.

Safe zone allies

Name Office Email
Abbasi-Lemmon, Laura
C. SSRV 161 labbasilemmon@ccbcmd.edu
Adams, Joy C. LIBR 108  Jadams4@ccbcmd.edu
Albaugh, Valerie 
C. SSRV 010 valbaugh@ccbcmd.edu
Angelos, Kelly E. HTEC 222 kangelos@ccbcmd.edu
Arman, Beth C. HILT 404
E. ADMN 101
Aumann, Ann E. SSRV 203 aauuman@ccbcmd.edu
Balson-Dreyer, Knikky C. CLLB 104
Baney, Clarence E. MASH 410P cbaney@ccbcmd.edu
Barnes, Johari E. ADMN 105D jbarnes3@ccbcmd.edu
Barnhardt, Sarah C. CLLB 130I sbarnhardt@ccbcmd.edu
Baunoch, Beth C. HUMN 117A bbaunoch@ccbcmd.edu
Bartlett, Fred C. HTEC 100-J fbartlett@ccbcmd.edu
Belcher, Tia
D. COMM 121
Blum, JoAnne
C. LABB 203 jblum2@ccbcmd.edu
Bradstock, Faye
C. SSRV 166D
Briggs, Stephanie C. HUMN 110C sbriggs@ccbcmd.edu
Brown, Chanda 
C. SSRV 137 cbrown11@ccbcmd.edu
Brown, Nina E. E. BESS 225
Bruce, Katherine E. ADMIN  kbruce@ccbcmd.edu
Budd, Lorrie
D. COMM 204D lbudd@ccbcmd.edu
Burke, Brian C. CLLB 106 bburke@ccbcmd.edu
Burke, Jill E. E. LIBR 108 jburke@ccbcmd.edu
Burney, Lester
C. BESS 216 lburney@ccbcmd.edu
Cade, Tracey
C. SSRV 166B
Caroline, Brenda A. E. SSRV 010  bcaroline@ccbcmd.edu 
Chan, Louise E. SSRV 121 lchan@ccbcmd.edu
Cleaver, Kerry R R 188 kcleaver@ccbcmd.edu
Clemons, Thomas C. CSRV 225 tclemons@ccbcmd.edu
Coffey, Joe D. COMM 248 jcoffey@ccbcmd.edu
Colonna, Tom E. AHUM 233 tcolonna@ccbcmd.edu
Cox, Tiffany C. SSRV 119 tcox3@ccbcmd.edu
Crist, Laura E. WELL 4 lcrist@ccbcmd.edu
Crossman, Patti E. AHUM 247 pcrossman@ccbcmd.edu
Courter, Zolita D. COMM 215 zcourter@ccbcmd.edu
Cunningham, Steve
E. SSRV 203G scunninghma2@ccbcmd.edu
Davies, Kayla K. E. BESS 122  kdavies@ccbcmd.edu 
DeLauder, Rachael E. SSRV 121  rdelauder@ccbcmd.edu 
Dolan, Thomas
D. COMM 204C kduckworth@ccbcmd.edu
Degner, Gwyn C. SSRV 117 gdegner@ccbcmd.edu
Duckworth, Kristin
C. CLLB 130A kduckworth@ccbcmd.edu
Duda, Caitlin
E. ADMN 219 cduda@ccbcmd.edu
Duncan, Christina E. SSRV 105E  Cduncan3@ccbcmd.edu
Edwards, Laura E. SSRV 103 ledwards@ccbcmd.edu
Eugene, Rene
C. HTEC 218 reugene@ccbcmd.edu
Fabiszak, Crissy
D. COMM 204 cfabiszak@ccbcmd.edu
Farrar, Jessica L. C. CLLB 130  jfarrar2@ccbcmd.edu 
Farrell, Brian C. WELL 200I bfarrell@ccbcmd.edu
Fenton, Susan E. WELL 011 sfenton@ccbcmd.edu
Floyd, Jessica
E. AHUM 243 Jfloyd3@ccbcmd.edu
Floystad, Sonja
D. COMM 121C sfloystad@ccbcmd.edu
Garcia, Mary Jo D. COMM 210 mgarcia@ccbcmd.edu
Garcia-Brown, Alexis O. 628  agarciabrown@ccbcmd.edu
Gates, Chester O. 309 cgates@ccbcmd.edu
Gebren, Susan C C. BARN 003B sgebren@ccbcmd.edu
Goehner, Kyle V. E. SSRV 207 kgoehner@ccbcmd.edu
Gnibus, David
D. SSRV 102F dgnibus@ccbcmd.edu
Greiner, Mary E. AHUM 314 mgriener@ccbcmd.edu
Grayson. Candice E. ADMN 300H cgrayson@ccbcmd.edu
Grelak, Jennifer E. SSRV 105 jgerlak@ccbcmd.edu
Griner, Heather D. SSRV 102 hgriner@ccbcmd.edu
Gronberg-Quinn, Linda S. C. BESS 211 lgronberg@ccbcmd.edu
Gunes, Janice
E. SSRV 146
Gunn, Brian C. HUMN 011 bgunn@ccbcmd.edu
Hagan-Rhodes, Dell
E. COMM 166 drhodes@ccbcmd.edu
Hance, Alexis C. SSRV 166 ahance@ccbcmd.edu
Hanks, Andrew C. SSRV ahanks@ccbcmd.edu
Harris, Erika
E. LIBR 121 eharris@ccbcmd.edu
Harris, Jeanette C. BESS 001E jharris6@ccbcmd.edu
Hay, Kendra
E. SSRV 203
Hayes, Sharon
E. SSRV 207 shayes@ccbcmd.edu
Hayek, Connie E. Library 207 chayek@ccbcmd.edu
Herchenroeder, Jennifer C. HTEC 002 jherchenroeder@ccbcmd.edu
Hervey, Martha E. SSRV 247 mhervey@ccbcmd.edu
Hibner, Jessica C. CNED 115 jhibner@ccbcmd.edu
Hinkle, Margaret
D. DENT 119 mhinkle@ccbcmd.edu
Holmes, Lois E. SSRV 327 lholmes@ccbcmd.edu
Honeycutt, Susan G. E. ADMN 010 shoneycutt@ccbcmd.edu
Hurley, Stacy D. SSRV 102  shurley@ccbcmd.edu
Jackson, Kanika N. E. SSRV 103F kjackson6@ccbcmd.edu
Jones, Gwen
E. SSRV 219 gjones@ccbcmd.edu
Johnson, Jayson C. SSRV 101B jjohnson12@ccbcmd.edu
Jones, Tanya
D. COMM 216A tjones2@ccbcmd.edu
Kantorski, Cheryl C. LIBR 324 ckantorski@ccbcmd.edu
Karr, Michele C. SSRV 113 mkarr@ccbcmd.edu
Kassa, Kyle R. 132  kkassa@ccbcmd.edu 
Keim, Melissa
D.SSRV 103 mkeim@ccbcmd.edu
Keshavarz, Nasim
E. ADMIN 332
Kidd, Taylor C. HTEC 100H tkidd@ccbcmd.edu
Kirby, Chiara
C. BESS 001
Klima, Stacie
E. ADMIN 332
Knight, Jackie
C. SSRV 135 jknight@ccbcmd.edu
Knowles, Donald E. SSRV 003 dknowles@ccbcmd.edu
Kummell, Judi
O. O302
Laing, Jennifer
E. MASH 510 jlaing@ccbcmd.edu
Lam, Dat C. LIBR 100 dlam2@ccbcmd.edu
Lawton, John C. BARN 004D jlawton@ccbcmd.edu
Lawton, Rachele E. SSRV 208C  rlawton@ccbcmd.edu
Lebed, Luba
E. SSRV 145 llebed@ccbcmd.edu
Lewis, Josephine A. C. BESS 213 jlewis4@ccbcmd.edu
LeVan-Krug, Rosanne C. HTEC 311B rlevan@ccbcmd.edu
Ligon, Sakina
E. COMM 117 sligon@ccbcmd.edu
Lillard, Sara
D. SSRV 102
Lilley, Kathy
C. SSRV 109 klilley@ccbcmd.edu
Lohn, Judi
C. BESS 001A jlohn@ccbcmd.edu
Martino, Charles
E. ADMN 100 cmartino@ccbcmd.edu
McCadden. Ted D. COMM 212 tmccadden@ccbcmd.edu
McGinley, Mylinda D. STAT 118 mmcginley@ccbcmd.edu 
Melchior, Sarah
C. SSRV 120 smelchior@ccbcmd.edu
Melfa, Adam C. SSRV 119 amelfa@ccbcmd.edu
Meyer, Tara D. COMM 206 tmeyer@ccbcmd.edu
Miller, Shakura E. BESS 122 smiller12@ccbcmd.edu 
Milsom, Penny
C. BESS 015A mmilsom@ccbcmd.edu
Molitoris, Megan 
C. SSRV 112 mmolitoris@ccbcmd.edu
Morgan, Elizabeth C. SSRV 166 emorgan2@ccbcmd.edu
Nolan, Patricia
E. ADMIN 343
Osman, Sara E. AHUM 240 sosman@ccbcmd.edu
Oveson, Kim E. HTEC 013 koveson@ccbcmd.edu
Parish Ward, Carla
C. LIBR 107
Payne, Sarita C. SSRV 118 spayne@ccbcmd.edu
Patterson, Suzanne
C. BESS 001F mpatterson@ccbcmd.edu
Pemberton, Jennifer
C. BESS 230 jpemberton@ccbcmd.edu
Penny, Sherri R. C. SSRV 119 spenny@ccbcmd.edu
Ponder, Tamisha C. SSRV 119 tponder@ccbcmd.edu 
Poston, Kimberly
E. ADMN 105 kposton@ccbcmd.edu
Pratnicki, Vanessa E. LIBR 209 vpratnicki@ccbcmd.edu
Pritchard, Patricia
D. CRBL 113 ppritchard@ccbcmd.edu
Quintero-Hall Patricia D. COMM 200 pquinterohall@ccbcmd.edu
Radich, Marlene
E. SSRV 139 mradich@ccbcmd.edu
Ramsey, Patricia C. HUMN 110 pramsey@ccbcmd.edu
Roberts, Shervoux E. SSRV 015  sroberts@ccbcmd.edu 
Robinson, Theresa C. BESS 210 trobinson@ccbcmd.edu
Rondeau, Matt C. CLLB 106 mrondeau@ccbcmd.edu
Rusnak, Andrew E. AHUM 212 arusnak@ccbcmd.edu
Scott, Caroline E. ADMN 105 cscott@ccbcmd.edu
Shaw, Michael E. SSRV 135 mshaw2@ccbcmd.edu
Shifflett, Katie D. SSRV 103C kshifflett@ccbcmd.edu
Shumar, Christine C. LIBR 100 cshumar@ccbcmd.edu
Skarzinski, Jennifer
E. SSRV 203F jskarzinski@ccbcmd.edu
Slusher, Morgan P. E. BESS 226 mslusher@ccbcmd.edu
Smith, Patricia C. CSRV 225
Sorrick, Penny C. E. SSRV 105 pjester@ccbcmd.edu
Stephan, Karen
E. ADMIN 343
Spiegelman, Jason C. BESS 218 jspiegelman@ccbcmd.edu
Stastny, Hillary E. SSRV 139A hstastny@ccbcmd.edu
Stogel, Cathy S. C. SSRV 200G cstogel@ccbcmd.edu
Storm, Denise
C. BESS 006 dstorm@ccbcmd.edu
Swiston, Joan C. HILT 303 jswiston@ccbcmd.edu
Sym, Daniel
C. BARN 003 dsym@ccbcmd.edu
Tanner, Andrea C. CLLB 104B atanner3@ccbcmd.edu
Thomas, Lisa
E. HTEC 013 lthomas4@ccbcmd.edu
Tinios, Leslie
E. WELL 007
Topolski, Courtney
E. SSRV 153 ctopolski@ccbcmd.edu
Tripp, April E. WELL 3 atripp@ccbcmd.edu 
Trivane, Sheri E. AHUM 223 sharris@ccbcmd.edu
Trucker, Jeremy
D. COMM 206 jtrucker@ccbcmd.edu
Vollmer, Melinda 
C. SSRV 101B mhirt@ccbcmd.edu
Walker, LaKeisha
E. ADMN 300 lwalker5@ccbcmd.edu
Ward, Carla Parish C. LIBR 100  cpward@ccbcmd.edu
Washington, Eric E. SSRV 105E ewashington@ccbcmd.edu
Whitcomb, Wendy C. HTEC 100 wwhitcomb@ccbcmd.edu
Yoder, Nicole
 n/a rame57245@ccbcmd.edu
York, Katie E. HTECH 013 kyork@ccbcmd.edu
Zimmerman, Nancy C. BESS 223