What is a safe zone ally?

  • Someone who is informed with accurate and current information on LGBT issues.
  • Someone who creates an atmosphere of safety and support, inclusive of the needs of LGBT students, faculty and staff.
  • Someone who respects confidentiality concerning questions about LGBT issues.
  • Someone who is aware of the services available to LGBT youth and adults, including support groups, hotlines, and other community resources.
  • Someone who will encourage others to attend Safe Zone training sessions and meetings.
  • Someone who will continue to learn about the issues affecting LGBT students, faculty and staff.
  • Someone who will challenge hate speech, name-calling, harassment, and discrimination, and real or threatened violence as it pertains to LGBT students, faculty, and staff, or those perceived to be LGBT.
Adapted from the University of North Carolina Greensboro’s website.

Safe zone allies

Name Office Email
Arman, Beth C. HILT 404
E. ADMN 101
Balson-Dreyer, Knikky C. CLLB 104
Barnes, Johari E. ADMN 105D jbarnes3@ccbcmd.edu
Baunoch, Beth C. HUMN 117A bbaunoch@ccbcmd.edu
Bartlett, Fred C. HTEC 100-J fbartlett@ccbcmd.edu
Briggs, Stephanie C. HUMN 110C sbriggs@ccbcmd.edu
Brown, Nina E. E. BESS 225
Burke, Brian C. CLLB 106 bburke@ccbcmd.edu
Burke, Jill E. E. LIBR 108 jburke@ccbcmd.edu
Clark, Ryan C. ARTS 016 rclark2@ccbcmd.edu
Clemons, Thomas C. CSRV 225 tclemons@ccbcmd.edu
Coffey, Joe D. COMM 248 jcoffey@ccbcmd.edu
Coleman, Larry E E. COMM 123A lcoleman@ccbcmd.edu
Crist, Laura E. WELL 4 lcrist@ccbcmd.edu
Crossman, Patti E. AHUM 247 pcrossman@ccbcmd.edu
Courter, Zolita D. COMM 215 zcourter@ccbcmd.edu
Duda, Caitlin E. ADMN 219 cduda@ccbcmd.edu
Edwards, Laura E. SSRV 103 ledwards@ccbcmd.edu
Farrell, Brian C. WELL 200I bfarrell@ccbcmd.edu
Fenton, Susan E. WELL 011 sfenton@ccbcmd.edu
Ferraris-O'Neall, Patricia E. BESS 310A pfoneill@ccbcmd.edu
Garcia, Mary Jo D. COMM 210 mgarcia@ccbcmd.edu
Gebren, Susan C C. BARN 003B sgebren@ccbcmd.edu
Goehner, Kyle V. E. SSRV 207 kgoehner@ccbcmd.edu
Griner, Heather D. SSRV 102 hgriner@ccbcmd.edu
Gronberg-Quinn, Linda S. C. BESS 211 lgronberg@ccbcmd.edu
Gunn, Brian C. HUMN 011 bgunn@ccbcmd.edu
Hanks, Andrew C. SSRV ahanks@ccbcmd.edu
Henry, Jean C BESS 205 jhenry3@ccbcmd.edu
Hervey, Martha E. SSRV 247 mhervey@ccbcmd.edu
Hibner, Jessica C. CNED 115 jhibner@ccbcmd.edu
Hoover, Salley C. BARN 101 shoover@ccbcmd.edu
Holmes, Lois E. SSRV 327 lholmes@ccbcmd.edu
Hutchinson, Deborah E. WELL 002C dhutchinson@ccbcmd.edu
Jester-Sorrick, Penny C. E. SSRV 105 pjester@ccbcmd.edu
LeVan-Krug, Rosanne C. HTEC 311B rlevan@ccbcmd.edu
Lawton, John C. BARN 004D jlawton@ccbcmd.edu
Lewis, Josephine A. C. BESS 213 jlewis4@ccbcmd.edu
Kantorski, Cheryl C. LIBR 324 ckantorski@ccbcmd.edu
Knowles, Donald E. SSRV 003 dknowles@ccbcmd.edu
Lam, Dat C. LIBR 100 dlam2@ccbcmd.edu
Maker, Alvin C. CSRV 225 amaker@ccbcmd.edu
Mintzer, Dave D. WELL 209A dmintzer@ccbcmd.edu
Payne, Sarita C. SSRV 118 spayne@ccbcmd.edu
Pratnicki, Vanessa E. LIBR 209 vpratnicki@ccbcmd.edu
Quintero-Hall Patricia D. COMM 200 pquinterohall@ccbcmd.edu
Ramsey, Pat C. HUMN 110 pramsey@ccbcmd.edu
Robinson, Theresa C. BESS 210 trobinson@ccbcmd.edu
Rusnak, Andrew E. AHUM 212 arusnak@ccbcmd.edu
Scott, Caroline E. ADMN 105 cscott@ccbcmd.edu
Slusher, Morgan P. E. BESS 226 mslusher@ccbcmd.edu
Smith, Patricia C. CSRV 225
Stogel, Cathy S. C. SSRV 200G cstogel@ccbcmd.edu
Shaw, Michael E. SSRV 135 mshaw2@ccbcmd.edu
Shifflett, Katie D. SSRV 103C kshifflett@ccbcmd.edu
Spiegelman, Jason C. BESS 218 jspiegelman@ccbcmd.edu
Swiston, Joan C. HILT 303 jswiston@ccbcmd.edu
Trivane, Sheri E. AHUM 223 sharris@ccbcmd.edu
Washington, Eric E. SSRV 105E ewashington@ccbcmd.edu
Zimmerman, Nancy C. BESS 223
Zlotowitz, Harriet D. SSRV 102B