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Cyril Ikeh

Profile photo of CCBC Student blogger Cryil Ikeh
I’m currently a sophomore majoring in General Studies, completing an Associates in Arts degree. Since arriving on the CCBC Essex campus, every single day has brought along struggles, challenges, as well as the adventures, surprises, and tons of excitement. My community involvement all began when I joined the Essex Honors program; it finally felt like the United States has accepted me. Read my blog »

Sumra Khan

Profile photo of CCBC Student blogger Sumra KhanI’m majoring in Business Management at CCBC, but when I’m not in class I have a plethora of other interests to attend to. These include, but are not limited to, investing way too much time into school organizations like the Muslim Student Association and attending lit events as a Student Ambassador. My other passions include charity work, cats, and cooking! Read my blog »

Mehnaz Shoostry

Profile photo of CCBC Student blogger Mehnaz Shoostry
My major is Business Management and just two more semesters in my path before I graduate and step forward into the world of business and career. I was born in Pakistan, brought up in Abu Dhabi (I lived here for more than 30+ years) went to Karachi after higher secondary school, for two years, to obtain my Bachelor’s degree from University of Karachi, Pakistan. Read my blog »