Pell Grant Experiment

CCBC was selected by the United States Department of Education to participate beginning the 2015 - 2016 academic year in two Pell Grant Experiments for students.

On June 30, 2017, CCBC will no longer be participating in this experiment.
The purpose of these experiments is to determine the impact of two proposed expansions to the Pell Grant eligibility criteria for income-eligible students enrolling in occupational training. The outcomes of these experiments will help inform policy officials on the effects of expanding Pell Grant access on educational attainment, student debt, employment, and earnings.

Experiment 1

In this experiment, Pell Grants are extended temporarily to eligible students with a Bachelor’s Degree who enroll in an approved CCBC credit certificate program (vocational or career training) that is one year or less in length and leads to direct employment.

Experiment 2

In this experiment, Pell Grants are extended temporarily to students who enroll in a short-term vocational or career training program that is not Title IV Pell approved.

How to be considered for participation in one of these experiments

1a. If you are applying to CCBC for the first time, complete the application for admission and select one of the approved certificate programs as your program of study.

1b. If you are a current CCBC student, complete the change of information form, change your program of study to an approved certificate program, and submit the form to the Enrollment Services Center.

2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and meet all federal eligibility requirements. If you are selected for verification, all required documentation must be submitted before you can be considered for participation in either of the experiments.

3. Inform the Financial Aid Office about your interest in participating in the experiment.

What happens next

The names of eligible students who complete the FAFSA and complete verification when required will be forwarded automatically to the Department of Education through a random assignment system. 

If you receive a notification by mail or email from the DOE about your participation in the experiment, you will later receive the results of the lottery from the CCBC Financial Aid office and be informed whether or not you are offered a Pell grant. 

Not all eligible applicants will be selected participate; however, the experiments create opportunities for students who would not normally qualify for a Pell grant award.

For more information about the experiments, visit the federal Pell Grant Experiment website or contact the CCBC Pell Grant Experiment coordinator.