Veterans & National Guard Benefits

At the college’s Veterans Services Centers, current and prospective students have the opportunity to connect with their peers and explore college and community resources.

The centers are operated in conjunction with CCBC’s veterans certifying officials on each campus, and are filled with information to help students access the best information about GI benefits, scholarships, financial aid and academic counseling.

The Veteran Certifying Official certifies the enrollment of eligible veterans and dependents enrolled in approved programs of study. All of the college degree and credit certificate programs are approved for receipt of veterans education benefits.

CCBC Veterans Services Center - Catonsville 11.15.2012
Video by CCBCMD
An introduction to the CCBC Veterans Services Center in Catonsville.

CCBC Veterans Services Center - Catonsville

The CCBC Catonsville Veterans Services Center is the base for the college’s VITAL program, a new initiative which offers mental health services to student Veterans as well as special educational workshops to faculty and staff thanks to a partnership with the Veterans Affairs Maryland Health Care System.

Eligible veteran students may participate in distance learning, (telecourses, online courses, interactive video courses, fast-track courses) and independent study.

National Guard Benefits

A student who is enlisted in the National Guard can receive as much as 36 months of tuition assistance when enrolled in a VA approved institution. The student must agree to serve six years and complete initial basic training to be eligible.

A guardsman or reservist who plans to enroll in a CCBC degree or certificate program will need to submit the original Notice of Basic Eligibility (DD2384) to the Veterans’ Service office before applying for benefits.

Applying to CCBC: veterans & active duty personnel

CCBC offers valuable benefits to veterans, active duty personnel and eligible family members. Each campus has a dedicated veterans certifying official to provide one-on-one assistance. Click here to learn more and to apply

For updates on any changes in policy or procedures or for any veterans benefits information, contact the Veterans Affairs Representative in the Financial Aid Office on the campus you wish to attend.