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    CCBC specializes in educating adults. We understand your need for convenience and flexibility.                                    

Adult Student

Attending college for the first time? Returning to school to earn a new degree or certificate? Or maybe you want to earn your GED? No matter your educational goal, CCBC can help you reach it.

You might be closer to your goal than you think!

Through our Prior Learning Assessment, adult students can earn college credit for their time in the workforce. CCBC also offers the CLEP Examination which allows students to demonstrate they have acquired college-level mastery in 34 different subject areas. Students may earn up to 45 credits through CLEP. Our advisors and career counselors can help you assess your skills. Make an appointment today!

CCBC student, Francene Donofrio

Student Spotlight

Francene Donofrio
CCBC honors student,
Mental Health

Francene Donofrio once worked as a legal secretary, then became a stay-at-home mom. Throughout the years, she always knew she would go back to school ...