Laura LeMire
CCBC Engineering department chair

Each semester, Laura LeMire’s Introduction to Engineering classes join forces with V-LINC – an organization serving people with disabilities – to help one of its clients overcome a particular challenge. Past projects have helped differently abled individuals resolve simple, yet complex issues like retrieving a full book bag from the back of a wheelchair, or playing in a large-scale hanging chair for a child who had outgrown his favorite toddler-sized “Jumperoo.”

"I came from an industry background, with not a lot of teaching experience. Being able to access professional development opportunities — learning from my colleagues — has cultivated the best utilization of my talents and knowledge. It’s been wonderful to have that support from the college and my fellow teachers.”

While Laura’s primary focus is helping her CCBC students understand and apply the principles of engineering, she believes it’s just as important to make engineering meaningful, demonstrating how it can serve as a means to help others. Laura ensures her students have the necessary tools to go on to be successful in the workplace, enhancing their own lives as well as the communities where they live.

New Beginnings: Laura LeMire 08.05.2015
Video by CCBCMD
A short segment from the CCBC New Beginnings campaign video highlighting the story of faculty member Laura LeMire.

Close up of Laura LeMire, CCBC Engineering department chair