Brooke Muranko
CCBC Honors Student,

Biology major Brooke Muranko has had her share of challenges, but she never lets her challenges defeat her. When her living conditions became unstable, she didn’t withdraw from the one thing that could better her life’s circumstances, she ran toward it. “I’ve made it my priority to dedicate myself to my school work,” said Brooke. “I know if I stay in college, I can make a better life for myself. Plus I get a lot of support from the students, faculty and staff at CCBC.”

Brooke is keeping her commitment and pushing forward. An Honors student, she loves taking Honors courses because they really challenge her. She loves the smaller, more personal classroom setting and likes the fact that the students who take Honors courses really care about learning. “You have to think and apply yourself,” said Brooke. “But, the instructors will help you through it.” 

Thanks to scholarships and financial aid, paying for her CCBC education is not a problem. “I receive financial aid, an Honors scholarship as well as five other scholarships which pretty much pay my tuition,” said Brooke. “It’s great being able to go to school and not have to worry about the financial part of it. There are so many scholarships available. Students just need to apply for them.” Brooke plans to graduate in the spring of 2014 and pursue a bachelor’s degree in Biology. 

“I love the connection I have here at CCBC,” said Brooke. “People work together to help each other through their challenges. It’s a different college experience than what I was expecting.”

CCBC Honors student Brooke Muranko