Myleka Booze
CCBC Student Athlete

“I came to CCBC to save money. I didn’t want to take on the debt of a four-year school.”

To say Myleka Booze is a remarkable student is a bit of an understatement. This student-athlete played both volleyball and lacrosse at CCBC while earning her associate degree in Health and Fitness. All before she reached the age of 18.

“I had it figured out while I was in high school,” Myleka says. “I wanted to complete a two-year degree and then transfer to get my bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology.” With a little help from CCBC, she is well on her way.  

Cost was a major consideration for Myleka as she pursued her academic plan. 

“I had to rely on financial aid and some scholarships. Without that, continuing my education would have been a struggle,” she adds. “But the affordability of CCBC definitely helped me out.”

Myleka made the most of her time at CCBC, excelling academically while taking advantage of the college’s rich tradition in athletics.  

“I love the sports teams at CCBC – they are like a family!” she exclaims. But camaraderie isn’t the only advantage offered by community college athletics, says Myleka,“As a freshman at a four-year college, you might not be able to get any playing time. But here at CCBC, I’ve had a chance to improve my skills in both sports.” 

Myleka encourages students considering attending CCBC to visit the college and meet the teachers.  

“The advisors and coaches all are understanding. My experience has been awesome.

CCBC student, Myleka Booze