Pragyashree Sharma Basyal
CCBC student,

"CCBC is the best choice. You save a lot of money and still have all the opportunities you would have at a big college or university."

Pragyashree Sharma Basyal needed to establish her academic credentials in biology – on a budget. Coming to the U.S. from her native Nepal, Pragyashree didn’t have the SAT scores and high school credentials many colleges require. Enrolling at CCBC allowed her to take the first step in a carefully thought out academic plan, with medical school as the ultimate goal.

“CCBC’s affordability and financial aid made it easier for me, as did the college’s flexible scheduling,” she explains. “I was working full time when I first came here, but was able to take classes at night and on weekends.”

Her hard work, campus leadership activities and stellar grades led to Pragyashree being awarded the S-STEM Scholarship in Biology, funded through CCBC by the National Science Foundation.

Now that she has graduated from CCBC, it’s on to an undergraduate degree in cellular biology, then medical school. A daunting journey, but one for which Pragyashree is ready.
“I am very well prepared to go on to a four-year university, especially in my science classes. I love the new labs at CCBC and the ability to get a lot of hands-on experience.”

CCBC student Pragyhree Sharma Baysal