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Insurance - CE


Learn about the issues involved with worker's compensation in the insurance industry. Topics include: who is covered, types of disability, exclusions to coverage, and fraud.

Course Objectives:
1. identify the types of workers covered by worker's compensation,
2. describe the three types of disabilities,
3. define the categories with "exclusion" to coverage, and
4. describe the process for filing medical reports.

INS 003 – Property And Casualty Insurance

Prepare to sell various types of property and casualty insurance and to sit for the licensing and regulation exam.

Course Objectives:
1. Define terms used in various categories of property and casualty insurance
2. Complete documentation for Workmen's Compensation claims.
3. Counsel clients about the regulations specific to business insurance.
4. Demonstrate knowledge


Learn about the various types of liability for both personal and business situations. Topics will include liability in homeowner's insurance, types of business liability, personal injury, and professional liability. Liability in regards to retail premises and product failures will also be covered.

Course Objectives:
1. describe liability issues for homeowner's insurance policies,
2. identify the types of business liability insurance,
3. define "excess liability", and
4. discuss liability in relation to retail establishments and services.

INS 067 – Life and Health Insurance

Learn about all aspects of life and health insurance and prepare to take the life and health insurance examination. Cost of text extra; available at first class.

Course Objectives:
1. List the types of life insurance, the provisions, options, and annuities.
2. List the types of health insurance, the provisions, options and related issues.
3. Demonstrate knowledge of state requirements pertaining to the insurance industry.
4. Answer questions required to pass the licensure exam.

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