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LAW 008 – The Probate Process in Maryland

Discuss the basics of Maryland's probate process for small, limited, and regular estates, as well as an overview of the most significant new developments in the area of estate administration and probate. Topics will include small, limited, and regular estates, estate administration, and probate.

Course Objectives:
1. discuss the differences in estate sizes and characteristics,
2. identify what can be included in an estate,
3. discuss who can make claims against the estate and/or the trustee,
4. determine whether a claim will have to be settled through probate, and
5. identify when probate is absolutely necessary and when estates can be settled without probate.


Focus on the who, what, when and how of e-discovery, as well as the dangers (or not) of meta-data in the era of e-discovery and the overall electronic transmission of data. Designed for paralegals and law assistants, this covers online resources, database practice with actual cases, and review of policies and procedures.

Course Objectives:
1. demonstrate how to gather meta data,
2. identify data that can be used in court,
3. identify resource information that may be used in court cases, and
4. discuss the dangers of misusing meta data or electronic data.

LAW 010 – Internet Research

Discover how paralegals can save time and money by maximizing the use of free Internet sites from A to Z. Topics to be covered include Maryland State websites, Findlaw, US government websites, and much more.

Course Objectives:
1. identify what information is public and accessible at no cost,
2. identify what information is readily available through government websites,
3. demonstrate how to make use of free websites to find useful information, and
4. determine what Internet websites can be cited and trusted with accurate information.

LAW 011 – Maryland Family Law Update

Gain an overview of significant new developments in the field of family law, including new developments from the 2009 General Assembly session and recent court decisions. Topics to be covered include child support laws, bullying, and divorce.

Course Objectives:
1. discuss the new Maryland laws that affect child support,
2. identify key elements in cases that affect divorces,
3. discuss the various types of bullying and the consequences, and
4. discuss the new laws and how they impact the family.


Review both the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct as it apply to paralegals, as well as the areas of conflict of interest. Topics to be covered include what are the conflicts of interest, how to spot potential conflicts, and what to do when one arises in practice.

Course Objectives:
1. discuss the Maryland Rules of Professional Conduct,
2. identify key elements in conflict of interest cases,
3. demonstrate an understanding of what conflicts are and how to mitigate them, and
4. identify various areas of practice where conflict may arise.


This course is designed for paralegals and legal assisstants who want to learn the fundamentals of bankruptcy law to maximize every opportunity during the filing process to alleviate debts.

Course Objectives:
1. identify questions that should be asked on an initial interview,
2. analyze answers from the initial interview,
3. determine what follow-up questions should be asked to ensure that the client is forthcoming in providing the legal professional with all of the proper information,
4. identify various bankruptcy chapters and procedure of filing and litigation,
5 demonstrate knowledge of the means test and recognize the exceptions that are permitted,
6. discuss how Chapter 13 repayment plans that are mutually beneficial to both the creditors and the client,
7. determine when converting a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7 is permitted, and
8. describe the process of converting a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7.

LAW 014 – Notary for Paralegals and Legal Assistants

This course is designed to provide paralegals and legal assistants the knowledge needed to perform the duties of a notary.

Course Objectives:
1. demonstrate how to apply to become a notary for Maryland,
2. discuss the renewal process for maintaining your notary status,
3. identify regulations and responsibilities which notaries must comply, and
4. discuss the importance of record keeping for notaries.

LAW 247 – Issues in Labor Law

Become familiar with recent updates in the policies and procedures of The National Labor Relations Board. Topics include duty of fair representation, refusal to bargain, salting and the electronic workplace.

Course Objectives:
1. identify new issues and decisions by the National Labor Relations Board,
2. evaluate the obligations of a union officer under the National Labor Relations Act,
3. judge the impact of recent NLRB rulings on collective bargaining and on new organizing, and
4. assess the impact of NLRB rulings on use of company e-mail systems.

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