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Labor (relations/reguls)-CE

LBR 050 – Computers for Union Officers

Learn about the use of computers in a local union office and how computers can enhance union operations, including use of the Internet to promote union activities. Topics include review of computer fundamentals, using computers to enhance union operations, review of common software applications and Internet for unions.

Course Objectives:
1. describe the functioning of a personal computer;
2. discuss how use of personal computers can enhance local union operations;
3. describe common software applications and their use in a union office setting; and
4. discuss the use of search engines, websites, discussion boards and social networking sites in promoting union activies.

LBR 051 – Organizing a Union Local

This course is designed to enable the student to learn the knowledge and skills needed to organize a local branch of a trade union. Topics to be covered include finding organizing targets, making contacts, creating an organizing committee, running a successful campaign, using technology, and legal issues.

Course Objectives:
1. describe organizing targets for a union local,
2. identify laws related to union organization,
3. explain the development of an organizing committee,
4. discuss strategic components of a union organizing campaign, and
5. describe the use of technology in a union organizing campaign.

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