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Personal Computer - CE

PCO 044 – Computers - Microsoft Word 2000

This course will focus on the basic skills necessary to begin using MS Word. Topics include entering text; opening, editing, and saving a document; navigating in a document; formatting; page appearance; creating and enhancing tables and printing

Course Objectives:
1. Create, edit and format word processing documents;
2. Open, save, and print letters, memos and other documents; and
3. Create tables and execute formulas to perform mathematical calculations.

PCO 045 – Computers - Quark Express

This course is designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge of the QuarkDMS Client. After an overview of the QuarkDMS system and architecture, the student will learn through lecture and hands-on instruction, all the features of the Client software.

Course Objectives:
1. submit archive and retrieve requests,
2. create versions and relations,
3. demonstrate an understanding of how to build a Web Module, and
4. describe special features using QuarkXpress.

PCO 048 – Computers - Microsoft Excel

Gain an introduction to the skills necessary for productive development of workbooks. Learn formulas, how to copy and move materials, formatting numbers and text, and column and row modifications.

Course Objectives:
1. develop the ability to create workbooks containing several sheets,
2. develop the ability to format numbers and text within cells,
3. modify row and column formatting, and
4. demonstrate an understanding of how to move text from one sheet to another.

PCO 049 – Computers - Adobe Illustrator

This course is designed to introduce the skills necessary for productive use of Adobe Illustrator software. Multilayer composites, visual effects, merge layers and the Quick Launch Toolbar will be introduced to the student.

Course Objectives:
1. create shortcuts for Communicator applications,
2. add applications to the Quick Launch Toolbar,
3. demonstrate an understanding of how to buy a graphics card, and
4. develop the ability to fix graphics performance problems with Windows Me-based systems.

PCO 050 – Computers-Networks Installation And Support Technology

This course provides an overview of current technology by giving the student information on LAN's and WAN's connection strategies, client server technology, wiring and communications. Management and the internet overview is all part of the course!

Course Objectives:
1. demonstrate an understanding of the technology protocols for WAN and LAN,
2. demonstrate an understanding of the hardware wiring and connection strategies, and
3. develop the ability to troubleshoot and problem solve in WAN and LAN.

PCO 051 – Keyboarding Typing On A Computer

This course is designed to introduce the skills necessary for proper keyboarding techniques. The student will be introduced to home-keys, proper posture during typing, timing, and finger position.

Course Objectives:
1. demonstrate an understanding of the location of the home keys,
2. develop the ability to apply proper keyboarding techniques, and
3. demonstrate an understanding of how to increase speed and accuracy through continued practice.


Course Objectives:
1. identify and connect the parts of the computer;
2. use input devices, including the keyboard and mouse;
3. describe how the CPU and memory process information;
4. identify the purposes of storage devices, and distinguish between types of storage devices;
5. identify several output devices and describe their uses;
6. apply document-management concepts to create and evaluate document-management schemes;
7. perform common Windows 95 techniques, and
8. determine the types of application software to use for a given task.

PCO 105 – Creating Web Pages

Learn to design, create and post a personal Web site. Topics include content development, structure and layout of the site, page creation, building links between the site and the outside world and adding graphics, hot buttons and animations. Online course offered in partnership with ed2go. For details, go to

Course Objectives:
1. demonstrate an understanding of the fundamentals of web design;
2. plan the content, structure, and layout of a web site;
3. create pages with neatly formatted text;
4. build links between the pages and to the outside world;
5. use color, backgrounds, graphics, tables, hot buttons, animation; and
6. implement proven web marketing strategies.

PCO 116 – Microsoft Publisher

Learn the basics of Publisher 2000 to create a professional brochure, a newsletter, and a web site. This course will enable the student to create marketing materials for print or for the web without any previous formal graphic design experience or training.

Course Objectives:
1. work with Text and Graphics,
2. work with Tables,
3. create a newsletter,
4. create a Basic Web Site with Publisher 2000,
5. create a brochure,
6. work with commercial printing services, and
7. use Design Sets.

PCO 169 – Microsoft Excel Core Level

Prepare for the Excel 2000 Core Level MOUS certification exam. Topics include Excel workbooks, formulas and charts.

Course Objectives:
1. prepare and format an Excel worksheet,
2. maintain and enhance a worksheet,
3. move data within and between workbooks,
4. insert formulas in a worksheet,
5. create a chart in Excel, and
6. insert Clip Art images and create maps

PCO 171 – Microsoft Powerpoint Level I

Learn basic presentation skills using Microsoft PowerPoint 2000. Preparation, along with Microsoft PowerPoint Level II, for the PowerPoint 2000 Core and Expert level MOUS certification exams.

Course Objectives:
1. define PowerPoint;
2. use basic PowerPoint features to create slides;
3. create a presentation from scratch;
4. use the outline pane;
5. apply text attributes to a presentation;
6. add PowerPoint objects to slides;
7. change lines, fills, and colors; and
8. manipulate PowerPoint objects.

PCO 220 – Windows XP Getting Started

Become familiar with Windows XP, getting help, My Computer, Windows Explorer, files, WordPad, MS Paint and Internet Explorer. Discover how to customize a workstation.

Course Objectives:
1. log on to the workstation and identify the desktop components,
2. use the Start menu and taskbar to open and switch between applications,
3. use the Help screens,
4. search and navigate files and folders using My Computer and Windows Explorer,
5. manage files and folders,
6. copy and paste between applications using the Clipboard,
7. create shortcuts for accessing programs and files, and
8. use Internet Explorer.

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