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General Phy Science

PHS 013 – Trends in Health and Disease

Receive an in-depth examination of the causes of death among different populations. Examine communicable diseases, their transmission, prevention and treatment as well as the leading causes of death in various population groups. Evaluate the effect culture has on people's perspectives on disease, death and wellness.

Course Objectives:
1. explain the links in the chain of infection and how prevention of communicable diseases can occur at each of the links in the chain;
2. explain how the treatment and prevention of communicable diseases influences the health of the American population;
3. explain how the human body defends itself against communicable diseases;
4. examine the leading causes of death in a variety of populations;
5. discuss the causes/risk factors, signs and symptoms, treatments and preventions for each of the causes of death identified;
6. discuss the role of the health care provider in assisting families who are dealing with a chronic disease or condition;
7. describe possible patient perspectives when dealing with a life-threatening condition; and
8. explain how culture influences these perspectives and an individual¿s willingness to participate in the health care system.

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