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Quality Control Technology-CE

QCT 051 – Certified Quality Auditor Review

Work toward satisfactory completion of the Certified Quality Auditor Examination conducted by the American Society for Quality. Specific material and review exercises will be included to provide test taking skills specific to the exam.

Course Objectives:
1. Define the auditing function
2. Perform the audit assignment.
3. Apply the audit criteria to work situations.
4. Design a report of the audit results.

QCT 076 – Certified Software Quality Engineer Exam Review

This will prepare you for taking the CSQE examination conducted by the American Society for Quality. Course material follows the Software Quality Engineer Primer. The major topics in the exam body of knowledge are covered and a mock exam is conducted prior to the actual exam.

Course Objectives:
1. demonstrate knowledge of basic principles of software quality control;
2. write useful software design specifications;
3. test software to determine performance vs. design criteria;
4. employ various software quality tools, and
5. pass the CSQE exam.

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