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Writing & Literature - CE

WRT 005 – How to Write for Children and Teens

Develop your skill in writing for the growing juvenile book and magazine market using techniques which appeal to young readers from toddler to teen. Learn to submit and sell picture books, fiction, verse, and articles.

Course Objectives:
1. demonstrate knowledge on the differences between writing for adults and writing for children;
2. demonstrate an understanding of the basic story elements, plot, setting, beginnings, endings, and transitions;
3. demonstrate the ability to create a story outline;
4. demonstrate an understanding of research, editing, and revision in the development of a children�s story; and
5. demonstrate an understanding of the process for manuscript preparation, submission, and marketing of a children�s story.

WRT 009 – A to Z Grant Writing

Gain a 'bird's eye view' of the grant writing process. Learn how to research and develop mutually beneficial relationships with potential funding sources, organize a grant writing campaign and keep track of all funding sources, requests/ donations, and prepare complete proposal packages.

Course Objectives:
1. research potential funding sources,
2. organize grantwriting department and campaign,
3. develop a plan,
4. implement telephone call research,
5. use positive communications with potential funders, and
6. arrange a complete proposal package.

WRT 010 – Writeriffic: Creativity Training For Writers

Learn lots of tricks from the published writer's toolbox transform your visions into words. If you're hoping to write a novel, a nonfiction book, a memoir, short stories or articles, Writerific liberates the imaginative, inventive bolts of genius that are inside everyone and will allow you to write what is in your heart and head.

Course Objectives:
1. implement creativity and self-discipline;
2. investigate;
3. create a creative file;
4. explore creative writing opportunities;
5. use grammar and special production tips;
6. overcome obstacles, real or imagined, and
7. build confidence.

WRT 018 – Effective Business Writing

This course is designed to teach the three 'Cs' of business writing: Clear, Concise and Correct to ensure students can write effective business correspondence.

Course Objectives:
1. outline thoughts,
2. write topic sentences,
3. identify and eliminate jargon, and
4. draft and edit business letters and memos.

WRT 019 – Writing for Better Business Results

Obtain the basic skills necessary to write better business correspondence. Review the importance of correct grammar, punctuation and structure as well as the form, tone and style for business memos and correspondence.

Course Objectives:
1. demonstrate correct grammar and sentence structure,
2. write correct topic sentences,
3. draft and edit a business memo,
4. avoid the use of jargon and inappropriate acronyms, and
5. write a memo with the correct tone for a business audience.

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