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Support & Opportunities for Women in Technology

Join others interested in technology careers, learn about internship opportunities and network with career professionals.

Women in Technology (WIT) is a CCBC organization that is focused on providing support and opportunities to women in STEM related fields. We hold monthly meetings that feature female guest speakers from industry that share their personal stories and expertise about working in male dominated fields.

Goals for Women in Technology:
  1. Provide support to female STEM students to assist in achieving their professional goals.
  2. Increase and retain female participation and enrollment in STEM.
  3. Provide resources and internship opportunities.
  4. Provide mentoring opportunities with faculty or industry mentors.
  5. Build a community where women feel supported and comfortable.
  6. Host social and outreach activities.
Join us!


CCBC’s Women in Technology group meets monthly during the fall and spring semesters typically on the first Tuesday of each month at 3 p.m. For the Fall 2019 semester, the group will meet in HTEC 201 on the Essex campus and HTEC 115 on the Catonsville campus. 

We meet at both the Catonsville and Essex campuses and connect our meetings virtually.


CCBC’s Women in Technology group organizes regular events for our organization members and the community. We attend conferences, social/networking gatherings with industry partners and host our own social events.

We also sponsor a summer technology camp for high school females that is held at CCBC annually.


Students should contact an instructor to be a part of the Blackboard group. Then, log in to Blackboard to view the internship, mentoring and event information.