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Enrich your home life!

Build your skills and confidence to approach a wide range of home projects. Our highly skilled instructors will share their expertise and guide you through hands on and demonstration classes in cooking, animal wellness, woodworking, landscaping and other making processes.

Hobbies, cooking and home improvement course offerings

Animal wellness

A pet can add so much to a persons life, giving them love, companionship and fun. That’s why we have classes to help you and your pet live fuller, happier lives. Look into one of many offering from animal Reiki to dog training.


Whether you like baking, cooking or grilling, we have classes all around the Baltimore to help you raise your culinary skills. Try our Thai cooking classes or Luscious cupcakes. Just say yum!

Gardens and floral design

Brighten your world with the beautiful colors of nature. Whether you want to make a perfect centerpiece or an everyday bouquet, we have a class to meet your needs.

Home improvement

Why pay someone for simple home repairs? Our experts will help you learn the basics of home repair and help you save money.

Paranormal phenomena

The floor creaks, the wind howls, is it just normal or paranormal? Our classes give you a glimpse into the world of ghosts, spirits and angels.

Sustainable living

Would you like to learn how to improve the environment? Our classes show you how simple home projects can make a difference in the world.