• CCBC Senior Student painting a model in an art course

Senior Art Courses

Explore courses in painting, drawing, ceramics, crafts and art history.

Art in Photography
Put the WOW into your photos! Learn how to take photographs with composition awareness and creativity to enhance your skills with such techniques as: the rule of thirds, photojournalism eye, art elements and principles of design. 

Basic Acrylic Painting
Learn to create paintings using acrylics. Explore how to use and mix colors and pigments, how to apply techniques using different kinds of brushes, mediums and materials, how to prepare the painting surfaces, and how to use the color wheel to balance color and composition. 

Charcoal Drawing
Discover how to use charcoal drawing techniques in order to make delicate and sensitive drawings. Examine how to evaluate color, value, and gradation, along with the block-in technique of charcoal drawing, the uses for charcoal drawings, materials and references that are needed for charcoal drawings, and more.

Drawing and Painting for the Senior Adult
Learn the basic techniques of various two-dimensional media. Discuss the use of media and the techniques used to achieve desired effects, as well as the equipment necessary to complete a two dimensional project.

Drawing I
Examine contour, gesture, modeling, value and perspective in this introductory course.

Drawing for Beginners
Learn to use the basic drawing techniques in line, shape form, contour, value, perspective, spatial relationships, measurements and proportion rules while doing hands-on projects. Bring a drawing pad 9 by 12" or larger, pencil and eraser to the first class. A supply list will be provided at the first session.

Fundamentals of Portrait Drawing
Create realistic facial features in pencil, charcoal and pastel, using the five concepts of ideal light and shadow. Learn how to mix colors for a variety of skin tones, draw facial expressions and structure and translate photographs into fine art portraits.

Fundamentals of Portrait Painting
Acquire basic and intermediate drawing and painting skills while being introduced to a variety of media. You'll draw from photos provided by the instructor and other students and work from a portrait model for four weeks. Learn lighting and posing basics, as well as various techniques for obtaining a likeness.

Intermediate Drawing
Use what you learned in Drawing for Beginners to produce more advanced drawings with a variety of materials such as pen/ink, charcoal, pastels and more. Explore how to create portraits, landscapes and perspective and still life drawings. Bring a pencil and art pad; a list of materials will be provided at the first class.

Intermediate Drawing Part 2
Expand the drawing skills, knowledge and understand learned on the first course, to create new works of art.

Intermediate Pastel Painting
Achieve higher levels of sophistication in your work with individual instruction in techniques for your chosen subject matter. Explore the better use of spatial placement, color, depth, luminosity, professional grade of surface and pastels and under-drawings. Also, learn how to create three-dimensional work from imagination.

Mechanical Pencil Drawing
Discover how to use mechanical pencil drawing techniques in order to make delicate and sensitive drawings. Examine how to evaluate color value, value and gradation, the block-in technique, uses for mechanical pencil drawings, materials and references needed for mechanical pencil drawings and more.

Pastel Painting: All levels
Receive individual instruction in the use of soft pastels with your choice of subject matter. Beginners will learn drawing, shading and coloring; those with more experience will have their work critiqued for color, composition and drawing. Learn how to use charcoal for under-drawings and how to evaluate the effects of different materials on your work.

Pastel Painting
Pastel were developed in the 18th century as a portable paint. Learn the wide range of effects available with this versatile medium.

Sumi-E Painting
Explore the history, philosophy, techniques and uses of traditional Japanese Sumi-e painting.

Watercolor Painting-Intermediate/Advanced
Acquire intermediate and advanced painting skills using watercolors. Develop skills utilizing wash, dry brush and masking techniques. Subject matter will include landscapes, still life and portraiture.