• CCBC Senior Student painting a model in an art course

Senior Art Courses

Explore courses in painting, drawing, ceramics, crafts and art history.

Acrylic Painting for the Beginner
Learn the fundamentals of color theory, color mixing, brush techniques and paint application in this structured class for the beginning acrylic painter.

Drawing and Painting for the Senior Adult
Learn the basic techniques of various two dimensional media and develop skills to achieve desired effects in your own two-dimensional project.

Drawing Skills for Seniors
Learn the basics of drawing-by-observation using simple tools such as pencils, charcoal, pens, pastels and chalk. Students will acquire skills in line and composition, light/shade, and cross-hatching/wash.

Introduction to Watercolor
Examine the various processes and techniques essential to rendering watercolor landscapes, seascapes, and still-life composition.

Topics in Art History
Explore a wide variety of topics that cover the development and diversity of art from the dawn of mankind to art in the modern era.

Art of Pottery
Study the history and artistic manipulation of clay and learn bonding techniques, firing processes, specialized glazes, and hand-painting techniques.

Knitting I
Learn basic knitting and purling stitches and how to select yarn and read and understand patterns while creating a small project.

Knitting Continuing
Refresh your basic knitting skills knowledge or learn advanced techniques and projects.