• Senior citizen using a computer in a classroom

Senior Computer Courses

Learn basic skills or gain additional knowledge in computers and various software applications. Discover how to get the most out of your iPad or smart device.

Introduction to Computers 1- Basics
Learn the basics about computers including word processing, email, internet surfing and other introductory computer concepts.

Introduction to Computers II – Gaining More Skills
Develop computer skills at a more advanced level including folders and file management, downloading and uploading files, installing software, using ORC software for documents, safety and troubleshooting techniques, and the Cloud and how to use it.

Computers: Getting to Know Them
An introductory computer course presented in a shorter format. Learn the basic skills to operate a computer including input devices, managing and storing data, and working with software applications.

Computers: Getting to Know Them Part 2
The second part of the short format course for learning the basic skills needed to operate computers.

iPad for Seniors
Learn how to get the most out of your iPad. Discover how to take complete advantage of this user-friendly technology.

Learn to use your MacBook Laptop
Bring your MacBook laptop to class and learn how to use all of the features, navigate the operating system, customize your desktop, add peripherals and applications, and troubleshoot your machine.

Social Networking
Become familiar with social networking and learn how to integrate it into your everyday life with this overview of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, DIGG, MySpace, and LinkedIn.

Getting Connected: Android Tablets and Smart Phones
Learn how to purchase and confidently use an Android smart device (including installing and using apps, photos, video, and books).