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Senior Computer Courses

Learn basic skills or gain additional knowledge in computers and various software applications. Discover how to get the most out of your iPad or smart device.

Adobe Photoshop 2019 for Windows 10
Enhance photos by editing, cropping, color-correcting, adding text and special effects. Make old or damaged photos look great again and more.

Android Phones and Tablets: A Quick Overview
Spend the day receiving a summary of many of the uses and applications of your Android device.

Android Phones and Tablets
Learn how to use an Android smart device, including how to install and use apps, take photos, video and download books.

Android Phones and Tablets: Build Your Knowledge
Use your Android devices more effectively and efficiently, including using the Internet safely, working with Google apps, exploring social networks, integrating your devices into daily life.

Basic iPad/iPhone
Discover the best practices for operating, maintaining and navigating your iPad and iPhone.

Basic MacBook for Seniors
Operate and navigate your MacBook with ease and efficiency.

Beyond Beginners for iPhone and iPad Users
Learn how to use your Apple devices more effectively and efficiently for personal enrichment, including using the internet safely, talking to Siri, integrating the phone or tablet into daily life (alarms, reminders, calendars, locations, etc.), banking, paying bills, exploring popular and practical apps, reading eBooks and understanding the iCloud. Please bring your Apple devices to class.

Intro to Computers I- Basics
Learn basic computer concepts in a relaxed and comfortable class setting. This course covers email, safe use of internet, word processing, hardware and software and spread sheets. 

Introduction to the MacBook
Explore how to use and maintain your MacBook laptop computer as well as its many applications in order to obtain the optimum use and care. Learn about messages, passwords, FaceTime, email, Finder, Siri, keyboard and Trackpad settings, Apple ID/iCloud and its services, Finder, updates and backups, file storage, Apple apps and photography.

Introduction to Windows 10, Part 1
Learn how to use the Windows 10 operating system including how to get started by setting up the mouse, screensavers, and security. Customize your own computer including managing files and folders, using apps and navigating the web.

iPad for Seniors
Learn how to get the most out of your iPad. Discover how to take complete advantage of this user-friendly technology. Explore setup, navigating screens, Wi-Fi connection, mobile data network and more. Work with photos/video/music files. MANDATORY: You must own an Apple iPad and bring it to each class.

iPhone, iPads, iPods for Seniors
Learn how to get the most out of these devices. Discover how to take complete advantage of this user-friendly technology. Explore setup, navigating screens, Wi-Fi connection, mobile data network and more. Work with photos/video/music files. 

Learn to Use Your MacBook Laptop
Bring your MacBook laptop to class and learn how to use all of the features, applications, navigate the operating system, customize your desktop, add peripherals, trouble shooting. 

PowerPoint 2016 Introduction
Learn to develop a PowerPoint presentation that includes text, graphics, objects, tables, and charts. Also, learn to apply transitions, and print and deliver the presentation.

Selling Online Successfully
Learn how to upload your product information on the internet and how to successfully complete transactions. Find out the rules for selling items on eBay and Etsy, provide tips on how to visually present your items and what essential information is to sell, such as pricing, protecting your transactions, safeguards and shipping. 

Senior Bytes: Tech Tips and Tricks on your PC
Enhance your knowledge by using the latest technology for your PC. Learn about streaming services, online privacy, voice recognition, use of newer apps and multimedia platforms, how to search and shop, as well as monitoring your home and health online.

Tips and Tricks for your Desktop Computer
Enhance your knowledge and comfort level when using your desktop computer.

Windows 10 Introduction
Learn to manage apps, use the web with Windows 10, plus manage and personalize Windows 10. 

Windows 10, Part 2
Expand your skills and knowledge in using Windows 10 after taking Introduction to Windows 10, Part 1. Use input and output devices, the toolbar and control buttons, Microsoft Word and software applications. Manage files, produce and merge attachments and create simple flyers.

Word 2016 Introduction
Learn to create and edit simple documents; format documents; add tables and lists, design elements, layout options and proof documents.

Word 2016 Intermediate
Learn to customize documents using tables, charts, styles, themes and Quick Parts and automate tasks using templates and mail merge.