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Senior courses in History, Politics and Events

Explore our human history from the dawn of man to the events from today’s news headlines.

Ethical Dilemmas in the Bible
Study the five books of Moses, the Kings, the Prophets, Proverbs and Psalms and bring the themes found in the Bible into our current society.

Learning about Contemporary Issues and Ideas
Analyze and evaluate current issues from local, national and international events that influence contemporary American society.

History Courses
Explore a wide variety of history courses that cover ancient history to more modern events and include historical figures, wars, cultural, political, national and world history.

Political Courses
Learn about U.S. foreign policy, political systems, and economic philosophy.

Great Decisions
A balanced, non-partisan and informed discussion on the challenges currently faced by the United States and the International community.

Turning Points in American History
An examination of landmark moments in the history of the United States that forever altered the direction of the nation.