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Senior courses in History, Politics and Events

Explore our human history from the dawn of man to the events from today’s news headlines.

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75th Anniversary of the 1943 Battles of World War II
Examine historic World War II battles. From the Battle of the Bismarck Sea, to Sicily, North Africa, Kursk and the great Battle of the Atlantic March - May 1943, we'll discuss our might and presence in the world.

A History of Money through the Ages 
Learn about the role of money in the growth of human societies and commerce. We will be looking at how money became an integral part of daily life and how money served purposes other than mere commerce. Examine how money reflected national aspirations from ancient times to the present.

First Ladies of the United States, Part 6
Learn about the first ladies of the United States from Nancy Reagan to the present: the many roles they performed; duties they handles; the tone they set for each administration; causes they espoused; and the impact they had on their husbands' administration and the country. Also compare and contrast how each first lady carried out her responsibilities.

Great Decisions 2018
Gain non-partisan knowledge about many of the major challenges and issues facing the United States and the international community regarding foreign policy, then participate in a dynamic discussion on each weekly topic.

Great Victories in Military History       
Learn about the great victories in military history. We'll discuss Blenheim; Quebec 1759; Cowpens; Austerlitz; Jena- Auerstedt; Antietam; Chattanooga; the Marne 1914; Leyte Gulf and the Battle of the Bulge. 

History of Anti-Semitism: A Documentary Study
Trace the history and roots of Anti-Semitism through historical writings from the ancient world, the Christian Bible, Islamic texts and those of Martin Luther, medieval Europe, Nazism, KKK, and white nationalism. Explore the rise of Anti-Semitism today, especially in the Middle East, Europe and even in America. 

History of Crypto Jews
Learn about the Crypto Jews: their reasons for hiding their identity; ways in which they became Crypto Jews; history of Crypto Jews in Europe and in the American Southwest; realization that their ancestors were Jewish; and the situation among Crypto Jews today.

History of France - Part 2
Examine how the aftershocks of the French Revolution changed the country from an absolute monarchy to a republic, then back to a constitutional monarchy and an empire along the way. Follow this later history of France and the evolution of the nation.

Jews of the Far West
Examine the history and influence of Jews who settled west of the Mississippi River. Explore the early settlements of the Conquistadors and their relationship with Jews in the West. Identify the main Jewish settlements and when/how/why Jews settled there. Trace the impact of Jewish migration on the American West and its present-day effect. 

Leadership: Philosophy, Politics and Business   

Analyze and discuss a great eclectic variety of writings on leadership and the fundamental human qualities required for leadership in a wide variety of human activities. You will have the opportunity to express and debate your views on the matter.

Learning about Contemporary Issues and Ideas   
Analyze and evaluate current issues and ideas that influence contemporary American society. View political situations, economic conditions and cultural issues as well as local, national and international news.

Secret Lives of Supreme Court Justices Part #2
Learn about the lives, roles and effectiveness of U.S. Supreme Court justices from John Marshall to James M. Wayne. Explore their early years, political and judicial viewpoints, rise to the Supreme Court, court opinions and interpretations and their impact on society and culture, and more.

The 1930s: Depressed America

Examine American history during the 1930s and The Great Depression era. We will look at Presidents Hoover and Roosevelt, the New Deal programs and the affect this time had on society and the American family. 

The 1940s: Rise to Global Power
View America's emergence as a global power during World War ll under President Franklin Roosevelt and through the creation of a new world order under President Harry Truman. Analyze the economic and social effects the war had on the American home front and look at pop culture during the 1940s.

The History of Slavery  
Learn about the history of slavery -- globally, nationally and locally. Explore the global slave economy, slavery in the U.S. especially in Baltimore City and County, cultures of slavery, anti-slavery movements and the impact of slave resistance. 

The Rise and Fall of the Fabulous British Indian Empire
Learn how the British Indian Empire was created, administered, met with resistance and then suddenly collapsed. A land with an ancient culture, overrun with troops from a remote island half a world away and ruled for more than a century.  

U.S. Political History Part 1
Learn about the historic phases of the American political system to 1900. Topics include: the founding of the United States, the politics of the U.S. Constitution, development of political parties, Andrew Jackson's Democratic Party, the rise of the anti-slavery Republican Party and the segregationist Democratic Party of the South.