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Senior courses in History, Politics and Events

Explore our human history from the dawn of man to the events from today’s news headlines.

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Jews in American Politics
Learn about Jews who participated in American politics since colonial times: elected officials, advisors, cabinet members and judges such as Kissinger, J. P. Benjamin, Brandeis, Cardozo, and more. Explore their lives, careers, involvement and influence.

Learning about Contemporary Issues and Ideas
Analyze and evaluate current issues and ideas that influence contemporary American society. View political situations, economic conditions and cultural issues as well as local, national and international news.

Maryland Colonial History - Part I
Examine the establishment and growth of Maryland as a colony and its founding family, the Calverts. Learn the importance of agriculture; the development of St. Mary's City, Annapolis and Baltimore City; life, society and education in the colony; reasons for declaring independence from England; and Maryland's entrance into the American Revolution. 

Monarchs of the British Isles-Part I
Explore the history of the British Isles and the famous lives of its monarchs in this two-part course. Begin with an introduction and geography of that area, the pre-history and legends, what happened in 1066, Henry II's children, the Plantagenet's, what was going on in Scotland, and conclude with the Tudors. 

Paul and the Old Testament
Learn about the Apostle Paul; his background as a Pharisee, the context of the times in which he lived and the influence of the Hebrew Scriptures on his theology. Explore his interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures and the references he used in his letters as the authority for teaching early Christians. 

Players in History
Discuss Leonardo da Vinci; Michelangelo,  Lillian Hellman and Dashiell Hammett, creative artists and political activists; Eva Peron, First Lady of Argentina; The Molly Maguire's,  19th century Irish secret society in Europe and U.S. ; Noel Field, Stalin's last American spy; The Osage Indian Nation, their 1920s great wealth and sudden, mysterious deaths.   

The 1940's: Rise to Global Power Part II - 1945 to 1950
Continue the exploration of America's emergence as a world power following World War II. This course will examine the creation of a new world order under Harry S. Truman. Analyze the economic and technological changes in the U.S. immediately following the war. Explore the changing societal differences that were beginning to emerge and the impact on pop culture including music, movies, education and sports. 

The Effects of 500 Years of Slavery and Colonization in Africa
Uncover why and how slavery and colonization have created deplorable living and economic circumstances today in sub-Saharan Africa. Explore the causes in nations such as Sudan, Nigeria, The Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Africa. Discuss the ways these can change so the nations can reach their economic potential.