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Senior courses in History, Politics and Events

Explore our human history from the dawn of man to the events from today’s news headlines.

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Learning about Contemporary Issues and Ideas
Analyze and evaluate current issues and ideas that influence contemporary American society. View political situations, economic conditions and cultural issues as well as local, national and international news.

Political Theory Part 2: Concepts and Arguments
Learn by discussing and analyzing the work of eminent creative thinkers throughout the centuries. Explore socio-political issues as: political community, power, social hegemony as intellectual and cultural leadership, neo-liberal discredit of democracy, rights and emancipation of women, enforcement of social hierarchy and evil during the Holocaust. Explore how humans live together in a political society.

The Trump Presidency One Year Later
Explore the trends and developments during the first year of the Trump presidency and the issues confronting the administration, such as: tax reform, Affordable Care Act, immigration, deregulation, environmental protection, relations with Congress and international leaders, turmoil within the White House, use of social media, accomplishments to date and the deep political divide.

History and Development of Rock and Roll
Learn about the influence of this musical genre from the 1950s to the present, beginning with American Blues, Ragtime and Jazz.  Explore cultural trends and influences that impacted it and the effect it had on society, vocabulary and different stylistic elements throughout the decades; share some of your own experiences.