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Senior courses in History, Politics and Events

Explore our human history from the dawn of man to the events from today’s news headlines.

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75th Anniversary of the 1944 Battles and Campaigns of World War II
Examine historic World War II battles and campaigns that occurred in 1944. From the invasions in the Marshall Islands, to D-Day in France, to the strategic bombing of Germany, you will discuss and examine the Allies might and presence throughout the world and evaluate how these 1944 battles ultimately led to the final conclusion of an Allied victory in 1945. 

A History of Money through the Ages
Learn about the role of money in the growth of human societies and commerce. We will be looking at how money became an integral part of daily life and how money served purposes other than mere commerce.

A Short History of Zionism
Explore Jewish nationalism and Zionism from its roots in the Bible to the present day. Learn about Jewish ideas and philosophy that led to the foundation for a revolutionary Jewish society and the formation of the state of Israel and the role Zionism plays in Israel today.  

Africa and U.S. Presidents from Franklin Roosevelt to John Kennedy
Learn about the development and liberation of African nations and the U.S. policy towards these nations during the administration of each president from Franklin Roosevelt through John Kennedy.  

African Art and Aesthetics

Focus on the unknown works of art from the African continent including art pieces in bronze, wood and ivory. View their significance and influence on modern European painting.

Baltimore through the Years: A Social and Industrial History
Take a look at Baltimore. From the earliest days of the city, into the 20th Century.

Challenges to U.S. Democracy: Is U.S. Democracy in Peril?

Learn about the many challenges that threaten the future of U.S. democracy, such as separation of powers, imperial judiciary, demands of public interests, citizen participation, and more. 

Diversity in the United States: Battleground or Meeting Ground

Examine diversity by evaluating race as more than color, class as more than income, gender as more than biology, sexual orientation as more than who we sleep with.

Egypt’s Golden Age: The New Kingdom
Explore the period when Egypt reached its greatest artistic and intellectual development and produced many cultural and historical accomplishments. Learn about the famous pharaohs, such as Tutankhamun, Ramesses, Akhenaton and Hatshepsut and the splendid temple complexes they constructed in the Valley of the Kings.  

First Ladies of the United States
Examine the lives, roles and effectiveness of the wives of different presidents of the United States.  Compare and contrast the way different first ladies carried out their duties and espoused their causes. 

First Ladies of the United States, Part 7
Examine the lives, roles and effectiveness of the modern first ladies from Clinton to the present. 

Great Decisions
Gain non-partisan knowledge on eight of the most critical issues on world affairs facing the U.S. and the international community this year and then participate in a dynamic discussion on each weekly topic. 

Great Explorers
Learn to identify and examine the lives and accomplishments of six of these forgotten modern explorers of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Discuss Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton, Fridtjof Nansen, Robert Falcon Scott, Roald Amundsen and more. 

Great Women Writers
Discover a new realm of literature that, during certain periods in history, was considered to be radical and daring. We'll read the works of several pioneers of women's literature and early feminism. 

History of Puerto Rico
Learn about the many facets of Puerto Rico including the population, religion, education, housing and the Arts. 

Is U.S. Democracy Floundering Now?
Learn the most essential elements of democracy as written in the U.S. Constitution based on the views of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton. 

Learning about Contemporary Issues and Ideas
Analyze and evaluate current issues and ideas that influence contemporary American society. 

Monarchs of the British Isles, Part II
Explore the history of England through Queen Elizabeth I, known as the Virgin Queen and the House of Stuart, the first kings of a United Kingdom.

Patriotic Heroes and Heroines of the American Revolutionary War
The Revolutionary War produced many heroes and heroines who risked their own lives in order to ensure independence and freedom would survive.

Pivotal Paintings in the History of Art
Analyze some major paintings that have affected the art world around the globe. View their historical context in terms of composition and inner significance. 

Players in History Part II
Examine the lives and achievements of well-known and not so well known individuals through history including Victor Hugo, Isabella Stewart Gardner, Woodrow Wilson, Peggy Guggenheim, Percy Fawcett, Gertrude Bell, and Beryl Markham.

Players in History Part III
Discuss the achievements and impacts of well-known and not-so-well-known historical figures in history.  Players under examination and discussion include, Stanford White; aviators Charles Nungesser, Francois Coli, and Charles Lindbergh; and from the arts, van Gogh Suzanne Valadon, Maurice Utrillo, Ernest Shackleton, and writer, Agatha Christie.

Progressivism and War: A History of the 1910s
Examine and discuss American and World history, culture, and society during the peace, progressivism, and war periods during the decade of the 1910s. 

Saints and Sinners: Scandals and Succession of the British Monarchs
Trace the history of England and Great Britain through the biographies of its monarchs from Arthurian times to the present. 

Spanish Inquisition
Learn all about the Spanish Inquisition: its origins and legal procedures and punishments; economic and political effects on Spain and its people and on the Jewish population.

Sub-Saharan African Nations from Colonialism to the Present, Part 2
Gain an overview of the Sub-Saharan region of Africa by exploring the four influential nations of the region; Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mali. 

Taking a Look at the U.S. Constitution: Your Rights and Civil Liberties
Examine and discuss the basic rights, freedoms and liberties provided by the U.S. Constitution. Look at the day-to-day issues that affect citizens and how the courts analyze them.

The American Dream:  History of the 1950s
Analyze the United States' deepening commitment in the Cold War under President Truman and unprecedented domestic growth under President Eisenhower. 

The Philosophy of U.S. Pragmatism
Learn about the concept and philosophy of pragmatism and its application in the United States. 

Western Expansion, Slavery, and the Coming of the Civil War
Examine the debate over the true cause of the Civil War.