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Senior courses in History, Politics and Events

Explore our human history from the dawn of man to the events from today’s news headlines.

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Amedeo Modigliani: 1884 - 1920

Discuss the life and career of this famous Italian Jewish painter and sculptor who worked mainly in France. Seven of his nudes were exhibited in the 1917 Paris show and in 2015 his painting Nu couche sold for a record $170.4 million, becoming one of the most expensive paintings ever sold.

Baltimore And Maryland: Back Then And Now
Learn about the people, places and things that have fascinated us about Baltimore and Maryland; how they looked years ago, how they changed over the years, and look today. Examine cities and neighborhoods, buildings, parks, roads, people and places with instructor, Marty Sharrow.

Beyond The Fabulous Four

Learn about the individual journeys and careers of the each of four Beatles after the 1970 break-up: George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr. Discuss the personal contributions each made to humanity and their influence on the "Baby Boomer" generation.

Billy Wilder: His Life And Films

Learn about one of the most brilliant Hollywood filmmakers, producers and screenwriters and 5 of his important films: Double Indemnity, Sunset Boulevard, Some Like It Hot, Witness for the Prosecution and The Front Page. View the films and explore the storylines, settings, characters, actors and the significance of each film.

Colonialism And Neo-Colonialism

Learn about policies that have impeded the development of the richly endowed continent and the actions needed for African countries to realize their potential growth and economic power. Topics include: under-tapped African resources; British colonialism; policies of population reduction; role of financial institutions; and the pathways that will lead to development of Africa's potential.

Comparative Study Of Political Systems
Examine the diverse political systems and cultures around the world that are important to US foreign relations. Delve into the historical context and current political climate and compare political systems, cultures, ideologies and leadership of the U.K., Russia, China, India and Iran as well as non-state players such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Ghost Towns Of The United States
Learn about U.S. towns that were found and built by settlers and the economic and social reasons for abandoning them over time.

Governing In A Hyper-Partisan World

Learn about the development, challenges and trends of both state and federal partisanship from a well-known political commentator and journalist. Explore the history of partisanship, impact of media and demographics, economic and societal changes that have contributed to this extreme political gridlock.

History And Evolving Ecology Of The Patapsco River Valley

Learn about the history of this area beginning from the 1700s and how it has changed the ecology. Topics include: changes along the river caused by mills and other industries; history of the Patapsco Reserve; evolution of the Patapsco Valley State Park; environmental concerns due to floods, fires and man-made "improvements".

History Of Political Parties

Learn about the progression of the two party political system in US history. Discuss Federalists vs Democratic Republicans, Whigs vs Democrats, Democrats vs Republicans and third parties and their issues.

Jewish Personalities And Their Contributions To American And Jewish History

Learn about the lives of many Jewish personalities throughout of American history, such as Asher Levy Van Swellem, David Sarnoff, Rose Schneider, Belle Markowitz, General Mordecai Sheftall andRev. Issac Lesser. Explore their contributions to American as well as Jewish history and the context of the times in which they lived.

Know Your Money: The Numismatic History Of The U.S.
Learn about this aspect of the history of the United States from colonial times to present day.  Cover different coinage/currency used over the years, periods of monetary history, various government departments involved in US money, several ways of backing money, and the numismatic developments within the monetary history of the US.?

New York Mansions In The Gilded Age
Learn about America's Glided Age (1886-1920) and its impact on the architecture of New York City along Fifth Avenue. Topics include: the Beaux Arts style of architecture introduced near the Brownstone Mansions in Manhattan and the Gramercy Park Area; industrial-age millionaires who built these mansions including the Astors, Vanderbills, Whitneys, Dukes and Fricks; competition and social relationships among the millionaires and their families, including history behind the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in history behind the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Midtown Manhattan. Instructor: Jeff Wible

Political Theory: Fundamental Concepts And Arguments

Explore the arguments advanced by creative thinkers throughout the ages and discuss media influence and how we confront political issues today.

The Borgias: Pope Alexander IV And His Renaissance Family

Examine one of the most famous families of the 15th and 16th Italian Renaissance…The Borgias. Accused of a catalogue of sins including murder, corruption, nepotism, incest, poisoning and even bewitching. Despite this litany of crimes, they produced popes, cardinals and even a saint. Discuss whether the crimes labeled against them are real or just rumors initiated by their enemies.?

Top Ten Disasters In Military History
Discuss the top ten disasters in military history. From the Athenian expedition to Sicily, to the Saratoga, to Napoleon's 1812 Campaign in Russia, Battle of Midway and Dien Bien Phu, you'll learn which factors consistently cause catastrophic defeat.

U.S. Supreme Court And The Bill Of Rights
Examine the 10 amendments within the US Constitution's Bill of Rights and their effect on Supreme Court decisions. We'll look at the Freedom of Speech and Espionage Acts, Freedom of Religion, Right to Bear Arms, collective and individual rights, states rights and the 10th amendment.of landmark moments in the history of the United States that forever altered the direction of the nation.