• Senior students partaking in a water aerobic class

Senior Wellness and Fitness Classes

Enjoy specially designed classes that will invigorate your body and sense of self.

Individuals over 60 never pay tuition only fees!

Aqua Zumba » 
Integrate the Zumba formula and philosophy with traditional aqua fitness disciplines in this safe, challenging workout that tones and exhilarates.

Integral Hatha Yoga »
Experience the benefits of having a serene mind, harmonious spirit and a powerfully healthy body. Integrate all parts of your being for inner balance and tranquility.

Zumba Gold
This specialty workout incorporates many of the dance-fitness routines set to the hot, spicy rhythms of International and Latin music but is performed at a lower intensity.

Water Aerobics »
Water exercises at the shallow end of the pool using the resistance of the water force as the weight. Students do not need to swim or get their hair wet. A perfect course for those who want to stay in shape but dislike jogging or other activities.

Interval Aqua Aerobics »
Increase your physical fitness with aqua interval training which facilitates high energy expenditure and can increase fat burning.  Consists of low-intensity water exercises and one high-intensity set.  Warm-up and stretch then proceed through six to nine interval cycles, each followed by a brief rest before beginning the next cycle; relaxation and cool-down follow.

Integrative Health for Seniors
Explore the interdependent relationship between the mind, body and spirit as we age. Learn how conventional western medicine combined with complementary treatments is gaining in popularity when treating the “whole” person.

Better Health and Wellness for the Senior Adult
Improve your health and wellness through education and lifestyle awareness training.

Yoga Therapeutics for Seniors »
 improve flexibility and help develop/regain muscle and bone strength. Gain techniques for deep relaxation and mental clarity.