• Senior students partaking in a water aerobic class

Senior Wellness and Fitness Classes

Enjoy specially designed classes that will invigorate your body and sense of self.

Individuals over 60 never pay tuition only fees!

Aqua Fitness
Learn to perform low-impact activities, improve the cardio-respiratory, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Instructors: Ruth Lynch (EC); 

Aqua Zumba
Experience this specialty fitness course for beginners and active older adults that integrates Zumba Gold program with a traditional aqua fitness discipline. Combines low-impact aerobics exercises and body toning to music at a slower more exaggerated pace in the water; a safe, challenging, fun, water-based workout.

Chair Yoga
Explore this modified version of the practice of Yoga. Designed for those with physical limitations which prevent them from being able to practice Yoga the conventional way. Learn Yoga breathing techniques, as well as sitting postures to reduce stress and anxiety and to promote relaxation. Wear comfortable clothing, bring water. 

Integral Hatha Yoga
Experience the benefits of having a serene mind, harmonious spirit and a powerfully healthy body. Integrate all parts of your being for inner balance and tranquility. Each yoga pose, breathing and meditation will increase flexibility, strength, stamina and confidence. Yoga (sticky) mat required. 

Interval Aqua Aerobics
Increase fat-burning capacity with this training. Includes six to nine interval cycles each consisting of a combination of low intensity water exercises and one high intensity set with a brief rest between cycles.

Meditation for Seniors
Learn to use and practice mindfulness mediation. Increase personal ease, reduce stress with techniques that include breathing, body scan, sitting and walking meditation, mindful listening and breaking from automatic responses. 

Self Defense with the Cane
Keep from becoming a victim.  Learn how to use a wooden cane as a weapon to act as a deterrent when encountering unwanted advances. Find out what parts of the cane can be used in different situations, how to block physical threats and respond with disabling strikes.  Taught by a black belt in Hapkido with 14 years of experience teaching this topic. 

Water Aerobics
Experience water exercises in the shallow end of the pool. You do not need to be a swimmer or get your head wet because all of the exercises are performed in a resistance style using the water force as the weight. Perfect for people who dislike jogging or other activities but want to stay in shape.

Water Aerobics Intermediate/Advanced
Includes warm-up, aerobic exercise, cool-down period, and flexibility, and upper and lower body strength.

Yoga Therapeutics for Seniors
Learn how these practices can improve flexibility and help develop/regain muscle and bone strength. Gain techniques for deep relaxation and mental clarity. lop/regain muscle and bone strength. Gain techniques for deep relaxation and mental clarity.