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Private Music Lessons

Always wanted to play the Piano? Love to sing? Private lessons help you learn at your own pace and find pleasure as you improve.

Private Lessons: Intensive one-on-one instruction taught by highly qualified and caring teachers in a non-threatening environment. Lessons are offered on most instruments and voice for both youth and adults and are appropriate for all skill levels and ability.

Lessons are taught at all of our campuses and dates and times are arranged on an individual basis between the teacher and students. Instruments are not provided and not all instruments are offered at all locations. Before registering you must call 443.840.1646 to be placed with an appropriate instructor.

At the end of each semester we offer an informal recital. All registered students are encouraged to participate and show off their newly learned skills for family and friends.

Students can register for either ½ hour or hour lessons for either a 6 week or 14 week session. It is never too late to learn something new and provided you practice, our program will help you achieve your musical goals.