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Home-based learning

Online classes that allow kids to learn, grow and have fun from home.

We understand that many activities have been canceled this year and staying close to home has become the norm, but that doesn't mean kids have to stop learning or having fun. Our CCBCKids@Home program provides great classes for children of all ages so they can learn and have fun, no matter where they are.

Available Courses

Academics and Languages

Cooking, Crafts and Creativity

Fitness and Wellness


Coding Academy (Ages 8-14) ZOOM 

Coding Academy 2 (Ages 8-14) ZOOM

Minecraft Redstone Engineers (Ages 8-14) ZOOM  

Roblox Makers (Ages 8-14) ZOOM 

YouTube Content Creators (Ages 8-14) ZOOM

YouTube Content Creators 2 (Ages 8-14) ZOOM 

Visual and Performing Arts

Beginning Group Vocal Class (Ages 10-14)

Child's Piano (Ages 7-11)

Children's Drawing Workshop (Ages 7-11)

Guitar for Teens (Ages 10-14)

Intro to the Piano (Ages 9-13)

Japanese Animé and Manga (Ages 10-15)

Kids with Guitars (Ages 9-11) ZOOM

Ukulele for Kids (Ages 6-9)

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Important announcement

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Due to COVID-19 and social distancing needs, onsite CCBC sponsored youth camps and programs have been canceled for Summer 2020. Learn more about CCBC’s response to COVID-19»