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Learn about Health IT

Gain the knowledge and skills need to work in the rapidly evolving and demanding Health IT industry.

As a Health IT professional, you can work in a clinical setting, as office personnel or support staff. Upon successful completion of the program you will receive a Health IT Continuing Education Certificate.

Health IT Courses


Students must meet one of the following background requirements for the Health IT Continuing Education Certificate Program. Documentation is required within 3 days of registration and prior to the first day of class. Acceptable documentation includes a copy of the degree, certification or transcript.
  • 2-or-4-year degree in Health care and/or computer IT field
  • Certification in health care and/or computer IT field with at least 3 years’ work experience
  • 5 years’ work experience in health care and/or computer IT setting


AHL867 Foundations of Health Information Technology
An overview of the Health IT field. Topics to be covered include the integration of technology into healthcare, the role of electronic health records (EHR’s) in patient care and an intro to the functions of an EHR in healthcare settings. (30 hrs. online)

AHE641 Introduction to Healthcare Systems (for students with an IT background)
An overview of how healthcare and public health are organized and how services are delivered in the U.S. Topics to be covered include public policy, interrelationships of organizations, professional roles, legal and regulatory issues and payment systems. (15 hrs. hybrid)


AHL823Introduction to IT & Computer Science (for students with a health care background)
A basic overview of computer architecture, data organization, representation and structure. It will also review the structure of programming languages, networking and data communication and the basic terminology of computing. (20 hrs. hybrid)

AHL819 Working in Teams)
An overview of the different types of HIT teams and the purpose and functions of their members. Topics to be covered include the stages of team development, integration techniques, leadership and tools for collaboration. Barriers to success and the life cycle of HIT teams will also be discussed. (6 hrs. online)

AHL943 Health Management Information Systems
An introduction to health IT systems covering standards, health-related data structures and software applications. Also included are, CPOE (computerized provider order entry), clinical decision support systems, patient monitoring and imaging systems and billing systems. This course will meet in a computer lab with hands-on labs. (40 hrs. hybrid)

AHL825 Quality Management
An introduction to the concepts of health IT and practice workflow redesign as instruments of quality improvement. Topics covered will be creating a culture of patient safety and implementation plans to maximize quality, quality reporting and improvement. (12 hrs. online)

AHL944 IT Vendor Management
An overview of the most popular vendor systems highlighting the features of each as they would relate to practical deployments and noting the differences between them. Also covered are KLAS ratings and the certification of commercial EHR systems. (12 hrs. online)

AHL820 EHR: Process, Design & Implementation
An overview of clinical process analysis and redesign, including creating, reading and interpreting process diagrams. Topics covered will be practical implementation of meaningful use and clinical decision support (CDS) systems. Participants will learn how to assess health care facilities and work with them to achieve and sustain optimization of health care workflows, covering topics such as quality improvement and change management. Also covered will be EHR functional requirements, and health data interchange standards. (60 hrs. hybrid)

AHL827 Public Health IT
An overview of the public health structure and function in the U.S. Topics to be covered will include specialized public health applications such as registries, epidemiological databases, bio surveillance and situational awareness and emergency response. Also covered will be information exchange of EHR’s. (6 hrs. online)

Certification Exam

Students who successfully complete the “Health Information Technology” program will be prepared to sit for the Certified Associate in Health Information and Management Systems (CAHIMS) exam; available through Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

For additional information including eligibility requirements visit: http://www.himss.org/aboutHIMSS