Legal and Justice Career Options

Careers in criminal justice span a number of exciting and diverse pathways. Criminal Justice career pathways offer a variety of work-style options such as:
  • Conventional office environment
  • Outdoors or street-level
  • Opportunities to work independently
  • Flexible hours and rotating shifts

Opportunities for employment in criminal justice span beyond traditional law enforcement officers to include:
  • Corrections
  • Parole and Probation
  • Private Investigation
  • Private Security
  • Criminalistics
  • Juvenile Services
  • FBI, CIA, ATF, Immigrations

Careers in paralegal studies can be found in many different settings. Paralegal professionals have become an essential part of the legal system. These professionals have multiple opportunities and are in very high-demand. Paralegal work serves as the foundation for lawyers across all sectors of the industry:
  • Private sector law firms
  • State, federal and local government agencies
  • Private corporations
  • Insurance companies

Careers in law cover a multitude of professional choices. A lawyer’s choice of legal fields is as varied as the society in which he or she lives. And the nature of the law-related work available within each field varies as well. As a lawyer, you might :
  • Serve as general counsel for a corporation.
  • Work as a lawyer in a big firm.
  • Work for a legal services agency and help destitute families resolve their legal crises.
  • Become a prosecutor, public defender, county counsel or city attorney.

Practicing law is not all television courtroom drama. Many practicing lawyers rarely see the inside of a courtroom. Others do not even practice law, choosing instead to work in business, government and other law-related fields. It all depends on what appeals to you as an individual. The possibilities are virtually limitless.