Pell Experimental Funding

CCBC, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Education, is participating in a Pell funding experiment. This experiment focuses on vocational or career training programs shorter than the traditional 600 hour program threshold that are not Title IV Pell approved. These outcomes will help inform policy officials on the effects of expanding Pell grant access on educational attainment, student debt, employment, and earnings.

Students must meet standard Pell eligibility requirements. Funding is awarded on a random basis. Not all eligible applicants will be awarded.

This trial funding will only apply to the following occupational training programs:
  • Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) –A
  • Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Core Curriculum
  • Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Carpentry
  • Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Electrical
  • Construction Pre-Apprenticeship Plumbing
  • Hotel Front Desk Clerk/Guest Service Agent
  • Nursing Support Technician

Program Information

Not sure which program you are interested in? Contact our Continuing Education Information Center at 443.840.4700 for more information on our different career options. You do not have to commit to registering for a program to apply for this experiment. You will need to choose one program to apply for. Some programs may have specific application criteria or processes that will need to be completed in order to participate.

Application Timeline

If you are hoping to use the experimental Pell award at the time of registration, you need to allow a minimum of three weeks for processing your FAFSA, applying for the experiment, and receiving your results. Students have the option of registering and paying tuition/fees in full and receiving a refund if awarded.

How to be considered for participation in one of these experiments

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and meet all federal eligibility requirements. If you are selected for verification, all required documentation must be submitted before you can be considered for participation in the experiment. Need help completing the FAFSA? Contact our Financial Aid Office at for assistance.

  2. Complete the online “Continuing Education Pell Experiment Form”. If you are unable to complete the form online, you may print out the form and send it to Continuing Education Pell Experiment, CCBC Catonsville, CNED building, 800 Rolling Road, Baltimore, MD 21228. Online submittal will allow for a quicker processing of your request.

If you have questions about the Continuing Education Pell Experiment, email, or call 443.840.4700.

What happens next

The names of eligible students who complete the 2014 - 2015 FAFSA and complete verification when required will be forwarded automatically to the Department of Education through a random assignment system. If you receive a notification by mail or email from the Department of Education about your participation in the experiment, you will later receive the results of the lottery from the CCBC Financial Aid Office and be informed whether or not you are offered a Pell grant.

Not all eligible applicants will be selected to participate; however, the experiments create opportunities for students who would not normally qualify for a Pell grant award.

If you are awarded

Students who are selected to participate will need to confirm which career program they are enrolling for. CCBC Continuing Education will then send a letter to the student with detailed program registration information. Students may also apply for standard continuing education financial aid, such as a Continuing Education Opportunity Grant. For further information on the Continuing Education opportunity grant, contact Ashley Gubosh at 443.840.4748.

If you are not awarded

Students who are not randomly selected to participate may still enroll in these programs. Although the Pell experimental funding is not available, other forms of funding such as a Continuing Education Opportunity grant may be available. For further information on the Continuing Education opportunity grant, contact Ashley Gubosh at 443.840.4748. You may also try to apply for a different continuing education program to see if you can be randomly awarded for that one instead.

For more information about the experiments, visit the federal Pell Grant Experiment website or contact the CCBC Pell Grant Experiment coordinator.