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Performing Arts at CCBC

This degree program is designed to serve students who plan to transfer to majors in the visual or performing arts culminating in the Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Music.


The CCBC Dance Program provides students with opportunities to experience and learn about a broad spectrum of dance including: classical ballet, modern dance, improvisation, choreography, jazz, tap, hip hop and global dance forms. Students will learn and develop the physical, artistic and technical skills necessary to communicate through dance and to articulate their knowledge of dance.

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Providing students with opportunities to experience and learn about a broad spectrum of music from the European fine art tradition and the many types of American music to the music of cultures around the world.

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In the Philosophy program at CCBC you’ll study the greatest thinkers in human history. Students will explore the history of ideas and discover how they shaped the world we live in today. They also investigate Logic, the methodology of Philosophy, and explore the definition, nature and limits of human reason. Learn to think objectively in the pursuit of truth.

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The Theatre Program at CCBC is designed to provide curricular opportunities for students who wish to pursue further academic study in theatre, students who wish to pursue a career in professional theatre, non-theatre students who wish to take theatre arts electives, and community members who wish to enhance understanding and appreciation of the theatre.

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Performing Arts at CCBC!

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We offer music, theatre and dance for all artists and all audiences at all ages. Come check out one of our shows!