Important Sitecore Terms

Sitecore The name of CCBC’s content management system (CMS)
Alias Provides an alternative URL for a content item.
Content Item A Sitecore item that contains information or media that will appear on the published website.
Page Editor The Page Editor is a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to see the changes that you make directly on a page. Login to the Page Editor as you are first logging into Sitecore.
Content Tree The Content Tree is a hierarchical view of the content in the Sitecore system that shows child items grouped under their parents. The Content Tree Structure is displayed by default and contains the hierarchy of folders and content items comprising the site.
Item Locking Prevents multiple users from editing the same item at the same time. If two or more users manage to edit the same item simultaneously, only the changes that were made by the user who clicks save will be available.
Media Library The Media Library is used to manage media files (images and PDFs).
Ribbon The topmost part of the PageEditor is called the ribbon. It provides access to Sitecore editing functionality. The ribbon is comprised of tabs that are segmented into groups.
Rich Text Editor (RTE) A special box that allows you to enter or modify text and links without having to use programming code.
WYSIWYG An acronym for "What You See Is What You Get". The Page Editor is a WYSIWYG editor.
Parent Page Also known as landing pages, a parent page is a are hubs for related subject area information. They represent thematically related content in broad categories.
Child Page Sub-item of a parent page that provides focused information detail beneath an area landing page. .
Sibling Page Sub-item of a parent page that provides related information that is relevant to other child pages within a parent page hub.
Left Navigation The Left Navigation, located in the left-hand column, contains links to the main sections of the CCBC website and provides easy access to this section of the website no matter what page you are viewing.
Breadcrumbs A type of secondary navigation scheme that reveals the user's location in a website.
Renderings A generic Sitecore term used to refer to any of the “elements” or “modules” that we can put on a page to display content. For example, Event Blocks, Orange Border Blocks, Carousels, Chunks, Contact Us blocks etc.
Accordion The accordion allows you to display a large amount of information, in a clean and space-saving manner.
Call to Action (CTA) CTA’s allow you to create a clear and prominent link to other relevant sections within Sitecore, PDFs, and other useful sources of information.
Chunk Similar to the body copy, this allows content to be placed after other content items. For example, you would use a chunk when content is needed below an accordion.