The M. Graham Vinzant, Jr. Development Fund for Excellence

Close up of M. Graham Vinzant, Jr.To build upon the legacy of M. Graham Vinzant, Jr., a committee of volunteers is working to raise $100,000 to help shape the future of student development at CCBC by providing educators with the resources and opportunity they need in order to identify creative approaches to build professional development and cultivating student learning. With the support of many friends, we have already raised $58,425 towards our goal. 

The goal is to establish a $100,000 endowment that will impact the success of thousands of CCBC students in perpetuity

Areas of funding support will lead to:
  • Strengthen CCBC’s student services program to significantly improve student’s experiences.
  • Develop an infrastructure for CCBC to become a national leader in student services.
  • Expand professional development opportunities for student services staff to gain in-depth knowledge on best practices of national models


  • Margaret F. Bowler
  • Vincent R. Coleianne, Co-Chair
  • Cecilia A. Coliton
  • Mariano A. Gonzalez
  • George Lavery
  • Jerome Lovick, Jr.
  • Karen Pell
  • Eric W. Reitz, Co-Chair
  • Beverly K. Vinzant