Program Categories

CCBC-TV programming is a blend of the following broad subject matters within the curriculum and principles of CCBC as a Vanguard Learning-centered institution.

Arts and Literature — includes literary, performing and visual arts

Business and Economics — contains series highlighting successful business practices

CCBC Origination
— ranging from news, CCBC Bulletin Board, lectures and documentaries, to talk shows, music and drama

College of the Air
— television courses for credit on a variety of academic disciplines in the CCBC curriculum. Other non-credit courses are transmitted for continuing education and for the educational enrichment of the community at large

Cultural Diversity — including documentaries and magazine programs on different countries and cultures and in different languages including French, German and Spanish.

Health — containing series addressing individual and public health issues

History & Political Science — touching on national, international and local history, and foreign affairs

Language & Communication — including series in the comprehension and use of the English language, writing, writers, and their writing styles

Public Affairs and Government
— highlighting local and regional governmental services, public information, and reports from elected local representatives in congress

Science and Technology
— including series on astronomy and the environment

Sociology and Social Issues
— highlighting life choices, morality, family and social interactions