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The CCBC Articulation & Transfer Team is SUPER COMMITTED to COMPLETION!

Fall 2014 Articulation & Transfer Team Newsletter - published December 2014

*Documents to help with Articulation Agreements*
(Provided by the CCBC Articulation & Transfer Team)

1. CCBC Articulation Procedures

2. Blank Course Map (program to program)
To receive a word version (editable version) of this document please email the Articulation Assistant.

April 4, 2014 (CCBC's 7th Annual Articulation and Transfer Partnership Workshop)

  1. 2014 Workshop Newsletter
  2. Agenda
  3. Biographies of Presenters
  4. Tegrity Breakout Session by Keynote Speaker: (direct link to type into browser if hyperlink doesn't work:
    Smooth Sailing to Community College Completion & Transfer Success: The Tackle box of Tools & Transfer Trends
    Presented by Jennifer Blalock, Chief Student Support Officer,, Community Colleges, & Scholarships
  5. UMBC PACC Leader Student Panel Discussion
    The Peer Alumni from Community Colleges (PACC) Leader Student panel discussion allowed for the UMBC STEM student mentors to give a brief look into their newly formed program. PACC is a component of the STEM Transfer Student Success Initiative. This Initiative is an innovative multi-institutional collaboration funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to support successful transition to UMBC by students from Anne Arundel Community College, Community College of Baltimore County, Howard Community College and Montgomery College. The Initiative focuses on students who are pursuing fields of study in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These UMBC STEM students are each assigned to a local community college to mentor future STEM transfer students. .
  6. Discussion Session Notes
    1. Degree Completion for Adult Students
      Presented by Mona Weber, Notre Dame of Maryland University
      Discussion Notes captured by: Susan Landry, CCBC *Coming Soon*
    2. Transfer Shock: Still an Issue
      Presentation Presented by Tracey Miller, Towson University
      Handout- Syllabus
      Discussion Notes captured by: Karen Walter, CCBC
  7. Additional Workshop Documents
    1. How to earn an Electrical Engineering Degree Locally, Conveniently, and Affordably!
      Presentation by Denise Traynor, Frostburg State University and Laura LeMire, CCBC
    2. Reaching Out to Partner in New Ways: Transition Programs
      Presentation by Rose Mince and Johari Barnes, CCBC
    3. Honor the Achievements of Transfer Students and Recruit Them through Global Education!
      Presentation by Nicole Zairi and Ann MacLellan, CCBC and Mito Espinoza, UMBC
      Handout- Melinda Gates on Study Abroad, CNN
      Handout- Press Release about Agreement and Student
    4. An overview of the 2014 12th Annual Conference of the National Institute for the Study of Transfer Students (NISTS)
      Presentation by Carol Lugg, Penn College and Nicole Zairi and Marlene Radich, CCBC
      Handout- NISTS 2014 Conference Speakers/Topics
    5. The National Cybersecurity Institute at Excelsior College
      Presentation by Jane LeClair and Kailey Soundara, Excelsior College
    6. Unique Majors for Undecided Students
      Presentation by Carol Lugg, Penn College
      Handout- Emergency Management Technology
      Handout- Industrial and Human Factors Design
      Handout- Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology
    7. An Alliance Program That Really Works!
      Presentation by Meg Tuozzo and Jeff Richmond, UMUC
    8. The Human Touch: Making Personal Connections with Students at a Distance
      Presentation by Ann M. Solan and Angela Reynolds, Stevenson University

Archieved Annual Articulation and Transfer Partnership Workshops by Date

  1. December 2008 (CCBC's 2nd Annual Articulation and Transfer Partnership Workshop)
    1. Attachment 1- 2nd Annual Articulation Partnership Workshop hosted by CCBC 2008
    2. Attachment 2 - Speaker Biographies from the Workshop
  2. December 2009 (CCBC's 3rd Annual Articulation and Transfer Partnership Workshop)
    1. Attachment 1- Workshop Newsletter
    2. Attachment 2- Biographies of Speakers
    3. Attachment 3- Dr. Reginald Ross' "Recession and Enrollment Trends" Keynote Speech Handout
    4. Attachment 4- Professor Jay Whitelock's "Einstein's Saving for Retirement" Presentation
    5. Attachment 5- Nicole Baird's "$100,000 for an 'A' and Cell Phone" Presentation
    6. Attachment 6- Professor Scott Jeffrey's "Base Transfer on Outcomes" Presentation
    7. Attachment 7- Jacqueline Cymek's "VA Educational Benefits & Funding for College" handout.
      1. Link 1- CCBC VA Website... click here.
      2. Link 2- Government VA Website... click here.
    8. Link 3 - Kelly Smith's "CCBC-UMBC Transfer Student Alliance Program"... click here.
  3. December 2010 (CCBC's 4th Annual Articulation and Transfer Partnership Workshop)
    1. Attachment 1 - Workshop Newsletter
    2. Attachment 2 - Biographies of Speakers
    3. Attachment 3 - Joan Swiston's "Secondary/Post-Secondary Transitions" Presentation
    4. Link 1 - Gap Foundation Website (referenced in the Workshop Newsletter)
    5. Link 2 - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (referenced in the Workshop Newsletter)
  4. December 2011 (CCBC's 5th Annual Articulation and Transfer Partnership Workshop)
    1. Attachment 1 - Workshop Newsletter
    2. Attachment 2 - Agenda
    3. Attachment 3- Biographies of Speakers
    4. Attachment 4- Dr. Natasha Miller and Jodi Celia's Keynote Speech "Completer Agenda Policies, Updates & How to Get Students Involved in Their Own Completion"
    5. Keynote Video - "CCBC Students are Super Committed to Completion!"
    6. Keynote Video - "Beyond Classroom Walls"
    7. Panel Video - Alumni Transfer Student Panel
    8. Attachment 6 - Breakout Session Topics
      1. Session A Follow Up - Acceptance of Tech Prep credits & further research needed
      2. Session B Follow Up -HEOA requirments for publication of transfer policies, best practices to house agreements, and installing best practices to assess agreements
      3. Session C Follow Up - How to better advertise agreements, track the success of agreements, and ARTSYS suggestions
    9. Attachment 5 - Karen Walter and Paul Coakley's Breakout Presentation "Maximizing Articulation Opportunities and Outreach for Your Students"
    10. Attachment 6 - Transfer Representative of the Year Award Joe Horstkamp, UMUC
  5. April 2013 (CCBC's 6th Annual Articulation and Transfer Partnership Workshop)
    1. Attachment 1 - Agenda
    2. Attachment 2 - Newsletter
    3. Link 1 - Keynote Speaker Biography (Dr. Hrabowski)
    4. Attachment 4 - Other Speaker Biographies
    5. Link 2 - Keynote Speech (Dr. Hrabowski)
    6. Link 3 - Text Summary from Speech
    7. Attachment 5 - Paths to Equity at CCBC (Dr. McKusick)
    8. Attachment 6 - ACDV 101 for African American Males (Susan Delker/Mark Williams)
    9. Attachment 7 - Senate Bill 740 Summary (Dr. Mince)
    10. Link 4 - DREAM Press Release
    11. Link 5 - LINK Magazine featuring CCBC's financially savvy 2012 transfer alumni.

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