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Kat Andino

Photo of CCBC student blogger Kat Andino
Although I can trace my roots back to coffee bean plantation owners in the mountains of El Salvador, I’m Baltimore born and raised! I’m just your average “mega nerd sitting next to you in discrete mathematics” college girl. I’m currently on an academic journey towards receiving a degree in Computer Engineering here at CCBC. Read my blog »

Grace Martins

Photo of CCBC student blogger Grace Martins
I am currently a full-time, second-year student majoring in Nursing and I love every minute of it. I’m a member of the Essex Honors program, a new student life ambassador and I also work at the cafe, which can be found in the bookstore. (P.S. We make the best Frappuccino so be sure to stop by! It will be a great time to read my blogs while sipping your chill drink….umm!) Read my blog »

Amber Thomas

Profile photo of CCBC Student blogger Amber ThomasThis is my second year at CCBC and I’m a Digital Media Production student, at the Essex campus. I just became a CCBC Student Life Ambassador this semester, so far it’s been a great experience! Getting involved in campus activities is very important to me. I’m in the photography club, and I’m currently the Vice-President for Hearts Ignited at the Owings Mills campus Read my blog »