2012-2013 CCBC College Catalog

Industrial Maintenance Tech

IMTC 101 – 4 Credits
Industrial Measurements

Defines the basic units of industrial measurement, which include linear measurements, surface measurements, fluid measurements, and temperature measurements; emphasis will be placed on linear measurements and the use of precision measuring tools.

Prerequisite: Written permission from IMTC program director required; Corequisites: MATH 081; and ENGL 051 or ESOL 042

IMTC 105 – 4 Credits
Basic Shop Skills

Teaches the skills and techniques to recondition mechanical equipment; emphasis is placed on hand-held tools, material handling, pneumatic and electrical tools, measurements, metallurgy fasteners, layout, and general shop safety.

Prerequisite: Written permission from IMTC program director required; Corequisites: MATH 081 and ENGL 051 or ESOL 042

IMTC 110 – 4 Credits
Pumps, Packings, and Mechanical Seals

Examines the different mechanical and physical properties of various types of pumps, packing materials, and mechanical seals; covers how to install, maintain, and repair these pumps as well as the proper procedures for the installation of seals and packing.

Prerequisite: IMTC 101

IMTC 201 – 4 Credits
Mechanical Drives and Equipment I

Covers the mechanical and physical properties involved with gears, cams, shafts, couplings, and clutches associated with the transmission of motion in an industrial setting. Teaches how to apply the mathematical and physical principles to a mechanical drive system.

Prerequisite: IMTC 101

IMTC 205 – 4 Credits
Mechanical Drives and Equipment II

Examines the operating characteristics of the various bearings used in industry. Examines how metallurgic properties of various materials affect friction, finishes, tolerances, and the resultant requirements for the choice of bearings, lubricants, and seals.

Prerequisite: IMTC 201 or written permission from instructor required

IMTC 210 – 3 Credits
Lubrication, Lubricants, and Lubricating Systems

Covers the design, operation, and maintenance of automatic lubricating systems as well as manual systems in conjunction with the mechanical principles that underlie these systems. Examines the physical properties and industrial applications of lubricants along with various classification schemes.

Prerequisite: IMTC 101

IMTC 215 – 4 Credits
Pipefitting: Theory and Practice

Studies the properties of various piping material and the principles underlying different methods of connecting these materials. Develops skills in the use of the tools required for industrial pipefitting and plumbing and designing and maintaining piping systems for water, oil, oxygen, and high pressure steam lines.

Prerequisite: IMTC 101

IMTC 220 – 4 Credits
Basic Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems I

Studies the physics of hydraulics and pneumatics, including the concepts of pressure and force, resistance to flow and the measurement of air and fluid flow; covers the properties of flow in closed systems along with the use of valves to control flow and introduces the basic symbols needed to read and interpret hydraulic/pneumatic systems from blueprints.

Prerequisite: IMTC 101

IMTC 221 – 4 Credits
Basic Hydraulic/Pneumatic Systems II

Provides the necessary background information to troubleshoot and repair hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Prerequisite: IMTC 220 or written permission from program director required

IMTC 222 – 4 Credits
Fluid Power III