2012-2013 CCBC College Catalog

Real Estate

RLES 101 – 4 Credits
Real Estate Principles and Practices

Describes the real estate industry in general and in particular the role of the real estate salesperson. This course fulfills the requirements of the Maryland Real Estate Commission for Salesperson Applicants. 60 hours. NOTE: Course offered every fall, spring and may be offered during additional sessions.

RLES 102 – 3 Credits
Practices and Principles for Real Estate Brokers

Concentrates on real estate transactions and managerial practices for brokers and associate brokers. Course is useful in preparing the applicant to apply for a real estate brokers license. 45 hours. NOTE: Courses offered less than once a year.

Prerequisite: RLES 101 or Maryland Real Estate Salesperson License, or written permission from program coordinator required

RLES 126 – 3 Credits
Real Estate Finance

RLES 131 – 3 Credits
Property Management

RLES 136 – 2 Credits
R.E. Securities & Syndication

RLES 146 – 3 Credits
Real Estate Investment Taxation

RLES 151 – 3 Credits
Real Estate Law & Regulations

RLES 161 – 3 Credits
Commercial/Industrial Property

RLES 203 – 3 Credits
Practice & Principles of RE Broker II