Digital Media Production Services


Digital Media Production Services

Digital Media Production Services (DMPS) is an area within Instructional Technology that provides media production support for academic programs, departments and college initiatives. We offer a variety of video, audio, and multimedia production services including:

• Creating media objects to support, complement or enhance student learning in the classroom or through Distance Learning.

• Developing media for instructional support, public and community relations.

• Extending the delivery and accessibility of media projects (events, presentations, demonstrations etc.) throughout the college and to the community using various distribution technologies.

•Custom audio, video, and multimedia production including concept development, creation, scripting, production, editing and distribution. On location (remote) or in-studio video recording and production services.

•Digital and analog media editing, encoding and duplication services, CD and DVD production and replication.

•Web based video (streaming media) production and distribution.

•CCBC-TV, Educational Access Channel (Ch. 71 on Comcast in Baltimore County and Ch. 33 on Verizon FiOS).

Meeting Your Communications Needs

Instructional Support
DMPS develops media assets for direct and supplemental instruction for online and traditional courses including: orientation sessions, demonstrations of specific techniques used in a discipline, dramatizations, interviews with experts, testimonials, and documentary-style news/feature packages.

Student Services Communications
DMPS produces media assets and projects to support college-wide communications for Student Services (events, information, training, and workshops).

Employee Communications and Training
DMPS resources can be used to develop and distribute college-wide training, professional development, special events and/or informational materials for faculty and staff.

Community Outreach / Promotional Opportunities
DMPS records events and produces programs for broadcast on our Educational Access Channels serving Baltimore County. Promotional opportunities are available via the CCBC-TV Bulletin Board.

"On-Location" Remote Video Production
DMPS remote production equipment enables us to travel to all campuses and extension centers to record your projects.

Multimedia Production
DMPS provides traditional audio and video editing services for a variety of sources as well as multimedia production for online courses using tools such as Adobe Captivate and Flash.

Media Distribution
Projects can be made available via the college streaming media server, CD or DVD, or broadcast on the educational access channel. DMPS also provides video production services for projects requiring college-wide distribution including “special events” and training.

Consultation Services
• DMPS provides technical and aesthetic guidance to faculty developing instructional media materials for individual courses.
• DMPS provides project development consulting services and “how to” information to faculty who want to develop their own DIY media materials with their own equipment or using other campus resources.
• DMPS can assist with School/Department media equipment purchases, recommending technical specifications and verifying compatibility with college standards.

Production Facilities and Technical Resources

Full Service Production Facilities - Concept Creation to Delivery

Personnel Expertise: Project management and design, Producer, Director, Videographer, Editor, Copy Editor/Writer, Production Crew/Technicians. “Simple” productions to complex, fully scripted, high-end productions.

Technical Facilities include:
• Video Studio
• Remote Production Equipment
• Sound Booth
• Multimedia Editing Suites
• Educational Access Cable/FiOS channels

Studio Video & Audio Production (located on Essex campus)
The Production Control Room:
• Video Switcher
• Multi-channel Audio Mixer
• Graphics
• Scan Converter
• Recording & Playback - DVCAM, Beta, CompactFlash

The Studio:
• 18' by 33' Studio Floor
• 24 Channel Lighting Grid & Dimmer Controls
• Teleprompter
• Microphone Inputs
• 3 Cameras
• Various Sets & Background Options

Video and Audio Editing Suites
DMPS has one Avid editing suite running Avid Media Composer and two Adobe Premiere editing suites. All editing stations have the full Adobe Master Collection suite available.

The video editing suites include:
• Avid Media Composer Nitris System
• Adobe Master Collection Suite
• Betacam, DVCAM & HDV decks
• Audio mixing board
• Video Monitors

Internet Video/Streaming Video
DMPS provides video and audio encoding and hosting on CCBC's streaming media server as well as YouTube.

CCBC-TV Educational Access Channel
DMPS produces programming for and operates the Educational Access Channel, CCBC-TV. Available on channel 71 on Comcast in Baltimore County and channel 33 on Verizon FiOS.

Other CCBC Resources for Classroom Video/Audio Recording
• DIY: Do it Yourself
• Employee Technology Centers (ETC)
• Tegrity Systems
• Instructional Design

How to Request Services

Lead-time is critical in order to plan, prioritize, and allocate personnel and technical resources, and to be able to include a proposed project in the production schedule. Projects are approved and prioritized on a case-by-case basis and are subject to staff and technical resource availability.

Contact Digital Media Production Services to discuss your proposed project AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. At this time a preliminary assessment can be made regarding the viability of using the DMPS resources to meet the objectives and deadlines of the proposed project. If it is a viable project, you will be required to complete the appropriate Request Form:

• Production Request
• Event Request
• Streaming/Encoding Request
• Audio Recording Request
• Duplication Request
• Copyright Authorization
• Talent Release

DMPS may not be able to accommodate every request within the preferred time-frame and RUSH work is not available. Normal hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00AM - 4:00PM. Saturday, Sunday, holidays and times outside of normal hours of operation are subject to personnel availability and overtime rates.

Important Things to Remember

Each project is different!
The more complex the project, the more time will be needed to complete pre-production planning & development, production and post-production processes. Media production and editing projects involve processes that vary in complexity based on the needs of individual project. Requests for services that are relatively simple in scope such as encoding, file conversions, uploading to the streaming server and small quantity duplication will be handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Other more complex projects may take several days, weeks, months or possibly a year or longer to develop and complete.

The production process is a partnership
The client will be an active participant throughout the pre-production, production, editing and distribution processes.

Only CCBC faculty and full-time staff may request DMPS services
Equipment, facilities and resources may not be used for personal projects, personal profit or personal benefit. CCBC Production resources and facilities are to be used for CCBC business only and used only by the CCBC Production staff to produce projects for CCBC "clients".

Grant Funded Projects
Prior to submitting the Grant Application, a Production Request Form must be completed and approved. A budget for production services to include personnel, facilities and other resources will be developed by DMPS and must be included in the grant application.

Contact Digital Media Production Services

Jo-Ann Rasmussen
Director, Digital Media Production Services

Philip McClusky
TV Technician, Production


Digital Media Production Services
CCBC Essex
7201 Rossville Blvd.

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