Commencement: Robing instructions



Graduates must report to the check-in/robing area in the lobby of the Wellness and Athletics Center by noon for robing and lineup for the ceremony’s procession.

Faculty and staff processional marshals will be there to assist you. Please do not bring valuables into the check-in/robing area, as these items will not be secure.

Comfortable attire is recommended beneath the regalia, but no shorts or tennis shoes are permitted. Students should wear low-heeled shoes in order to more easily maneuver the stairs. Graduates who do not have proper academic regalia (cap and gown) will not be permitted to process and cross the stage.

Corsages or other adornments should not be worn on the regalia, nor should regalia be altered or modified in any way.

Faculty and staff

Faculty and staff processing in the May 31, 2015 commencement ceremony at CCBC Essex should report to rooms 008 and 012 in the Wellness and Athletics Center for robing. Participants should be robed and ready to process outside the Wellness and Athletics Center no later than 12:45 p.m.

On commencement day, faculty and staff parking will be reserved in Lot 2 until 1 p.m. for those vehicles with a CCBC hanging parking tag. In addition, parking will be available in the Franklin Square Hospital employee lot in the rear of the facility (the lot that adjoins CCBC Essex - look for the CCBC Public Safety vehicle).

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