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Baltimore County Crisis Response System

Service Description: comprehensive crisis intervention services for those experiencing a mental health crisis

  • Operations Center provides telephone assessments, triage, information/referral, and suicide prevention/intervention; staffed by mental health professionals; available 24/7
  • Mobile Crisis Team provides on-site, immediate response to a person in crisis; staffed by teams of mental health clinicians and plain-clothes police officers; available 10 AM – 1 AM, seven days per week

Location: 1205 York Road, Suite 19, Baltimore, MD 21209
Telephone: 410-931-2214

Information/Referral Service

Maryland First Call for Help and United Way 211

Service Description: confidential information and referral service

  • Comprehensive database of more than 4,000 federal, state, and local services, both government and non- profit; includes referral for prescription, mortgage, rental, and utility assistance; staffed by certified, social work professionals able to assess caller needs and make referrals to appropriate resources; available 24/7

Phone: 2-1-1 or 1-800-492-0618

Resource Information (County)

Baltimore County Public Library Connections: Children, Youth and Family Resources - online guide to community resources available in Baltimore County

Categories of Information: emergency/crisis assistance; child care; domestic violence; education, employment, and libraries; emotional well-being; family assistance; legal rights and services; physical well-being; rape; recreation; and runaway

Resource Information (State)

Maryland Community Services Locator - online guide to community resources available in the State of Maryland

Categories of Information: conflict resolution; disability services; family assistance; food assistance; health services; HIV/AIDS resources; housing programs; legal assistance; mental health services; parks and recreational sites; public schools; public Internet access sites; senior citizen resources; support groups; victim services; job readiness/adult education; and substance abuse treatment and prevention

Services for the Non-Insured


Core Service Agency of Baltimore County 

Service Description: comprehensive range of accessible and affordable services for county residents

  • Provides evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, case management, rehabilitation, community support, therapeutic foster care, supervised housing, emergency services, and crisis intervention

Location: Baltimore County Department of Health – Bureau of Behavioral Health, 6401 York Road, Baltimore, MD 21212

Phone: 410-887-3828 


The Pro Bono Counseling Project

Service Description: free mental health care to families and those with no insurance and low incomes

  • Provides counseling for family and couple issues, anxiety disorders, problems with self-esteem and social interactions, eating disorders, adjustment to untreatable illness, grief and loss, separation and divorce, and physical and sexual abuse and other forms of violence; staffed by licensed mental health professionals
  • Not for those with chronic mental illness or disorders due to drug and/or alcohol abuse

Phone: 410-825-1001 or 877-323-5800 (toll free)


The Loyola Clinical Centers

Service Description: psycho-educational evaluations for children and adults with learning, attention, and emotional problems
Location: Belvedere Square, 5911 York Road, Suite 100
Phone: 410-617-1200


Addictions Anger


Career Development

  • Career Services (CCBC)

College Student Mental Health

Depression and Bipolar

Disaster Distress

Domestic Violence

Eating Concerns

Grief and Loss


Learning Disabilities

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender

Mental Health




Study Skills


Trauma and Crisis Response

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