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As an open door institution, CCBC serves many students who are not quite ready academically for college level courses. This happens for a variety of reasons. Some students have been out of school for several years and their skills have grown rusty. In other cases, students have not selected the appropriate college preparatory courses in high school. Yet, we know that all learners bring to college an array of important life skills and strengths that they will be able to use as college learners.

CCBC believes that all students, with a little help, can learn and experience success in college. To help you determine your readiness for college, CCBC assesses your skills in reading, writing, and mathematics according to the college's assessment policy. CCBC offers an array of preparatory courses in reading (051 and 052), English (051 and 052), and mathematics (081, 082, and 083) to help you get started. You can go to the Student Success Centers and other support centers on each campus to receive free tutoring in most subjects. Advising and mentoring programs on each campus offer additional support. (For additional support services, go to CCBC's homepage.)

CCBC's Developmental Education program is nationally certified by the National Association of Developmental Education (NADE) at the Distinguished Level (which is the highest level).


For additional information regarding the Developmental Education Program at CCBC, contact:

  • Dr. Donna McKusick, Dean of Developmental Education & Special Academic Programs, 443-840-1247
  • Joy Adams, Coordinator of Developmental Education, Catonsville Campus, LIBR 100, 443-840-2754
  • Sonya Caesar, Coordinator of Developmental Education, Essex campus, SSRV 311, 443-840-1473
  • Jennifer Skarzinski, Coordinator of Developmental Education, Dundalk campus, COMM 139, 443-840-3455

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