What is Developmental Education?


The National Association for Developmental Education defines Developmental Education as:

Programs and services addressing:

  • academic preparedness
  • diagnostic assessment and placement
  • affective barriers to learning
  • development of general and specific learning strategies

CCBC's Vision Statement for Developmental Education

As a result of completing the prescribed developmental program at CCBC, students value and use appropriate skills and effective learning strategies necessary for academic and lifelong learning.

CCBC's Mission Statement for Developmental Education

The mission of the Developmental Education Program at The Community College of Baltimore County is to provide students the opportunity to develop effective learning skills and strategies that will be transferable to courses throughout the curriculum and useful in the students' lives outside of the college. The program is comprehensive and multifaceted, addressing entry assessment, advisement, instruction, and academic support outside of class. Coursework and academic support are responsive to the individual differences and meet the unique cognitive and affective learning needs of all students. Through a system of coordination, student tracking, evaluation, and professional development, the program achieves student outcomes consistent with its vision.

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