Distance Learning


Tips for Success

To increase your chances for success in Distance Learning courses remember the following:

1. Acquaint yourself with the delivery method of your chosen course(s)

2. Make sure that you have access to the hardware and software required for the course

3. Make sure that you meet the academic requirements and prerequisites

4. Take the self-assessment test to determine your aptitude for Distance Learning

5. Talk to a college advisor to chart your academic program

6. If your instructor offers on-campus orientation and/or review-sessions, make every effort to attend them- they are designed to help you.

7. Read the course syllabus and any other information about the course and make a list of questions that you may still have, then discuss them with your instructor.

8. Follow your instructor’s ground-rules for communications, and do not hesitate to seek further assistance and clarifications.

9. Follow your instructor’s guidelines and timelines for submission of assignments, testing, etc.

10. Take advantage of the support services available at your campus.

And most importantly: Set aside regular times to study and to work on your assignments and adhere to them, keep on schedule with all your course-work, and never procrastinate.

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